Maker Lab

The Maker Lab of Spektrum, equipped with digitally controlled machines and various electronic tools, is the first makerlab in Berlin conceived specifically for Art-making.

Applying critical thinking, we aim to create new trajectories discussing consequences of producing plastic artifacts and consuming resources but, above all, we aim to understand the role and responsibility of makers in the contemporary culture. 

The lab pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally intended for making, providing tools in new fields such as distillation of smells, motion technology for human body, high accuracy sound-system, powerful audiovisual station for ultra definition editing (4K) and basic facilities for experiments related to plasma physics and DIY chemistry (in progress).

The lab-project is the result of activities of our Spektrum-Communities which are promoting research in open-lab nights, free to everybody to participate. In collaboration with Spektrum MadeByUs Community from the very beginning, we started our Maker Lab following an open model, open in the sense we offer direct access to everybody interested in co-designing the reality of the lab.

The Maker Lab will also be available to people who are seeking challenges of research and development of innovative concepts. In Spektrum, we are actively building a platform for artists in need of hardware and software, technical advices and support to realize projects.