16 November | 20:00

Yuma Takeshita / Ignaz Schick & Chris Cogburn #388

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Yuma Takeshita - Selfmade electro-bass
Improvised performance by self made electro-bass

Ignaz Schick & Chris Cogburn - Anahuac Redux
Chris Cogburn and Ignaz Schick have met years ago but started collaborating intensely in 2016 in Mexico. They founded the trio Anahuac in 2016 with bass player Juan Garcia but also started performing duo sets of intense electro-acoustic sound in 2017. Their performance involves sine waves, different forms of feedback, percussion & surface sounds & other sources being weaved into dense textures and sonic objects.

 Born in Osaka in 1982, Yuma Takeshita started playing experimental / improvised music around 2001. After moving to Tokyo in 2011 he began constructing his own instruments by modifying an electronic-bass guitar with different sound modules and machines.
Release Yuma Takeshita
2015 :《《》》metsu - 「《《》》metsu (FLOOD/FLD-02)」「Relay (doubtmusic/dmf-161)」
2016 : Salad Michael Tommy ok a silk mill group (self-released)
2017 : solo 「Mechanization (Midnight Circles/c-44)」
Yuma Takeshita+Toshimaru Nakamura「Occurence, Differentiation」(KYOU RECORDS/KYOU-010) and some compilation albums  
Past Events
Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2016 (performance)
TPAM Fringe 2017 New Waves of Improv in Tokyo (performance)

Chris Cogburn
Percussionist who works mainly in the field of improvised music. Current practices focus on the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds, their differing timbral qualities, and their sites of resonance. Cogburn has performed around the world including: Festival Aural (FMX, Mexico City), Issue Project Room (NYC), James Turrell Roden Crater (Arizona, USA), Quiet Que (Berlin), among others. His current music projects include: Un Trio de Gira with Alexander Bruck and Ramón del Buey (MEX); the electro-acoustic trio Arena Ladridos with Bonnie Jones and Bhob Rainey (USA); and an audio-visual improvisation ensemble with video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen and percussionist Ingar Zach (NOR). Chris has released recordings on several labels including: Astral Spirits, Another Timbre, Simple Geometry, and Balance Point Acoustics. Since 2003, Cogburn has organized the annual No Idea Festival. Based in Austin, Texas, No Idea events have ben held in San Antonio, Houston, Marfa, Fort Worth, Dallas and New Orleans, Mexico City and Merida, Yucatán and have featured artists from around the world. Info: http://noideafestival.com

Ignaz Schick is a Berlin based sound artist, experimental turntablist, composer and curator. He is often associated with so the so-called Echtzeitmusik scene but his musical interests & curiosity are sheer endless and range from noise, improvisation, electro-acoustic music, musique concrete, psychedelic and folk music to free jazz and contemporary music. He has been involved in numerous projects, bands, ensembles & collaborations worldwide and has been performing live since 30 years now. He also runs the small label Zarek, sporadically curates small festivals and books tours for friends and colleagues visiting Berlin and Europe from elsewhere. He believes in the idea of grassroots networking and collective collaboration as a form of political and social opposition. http://www.zangimusic.wordpress.com