08 March | 20:00

Yara Mekawei / Maria da Rocha / Verónica Mota #424

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

An all-female line-up in celebration of International Women's Day, with performances by:

  • Yara Mekawei - Pistachio, Mind, Map
  • Maria da Rocha - Beetroot
  • Verónica Mota - Sea Priestess

Yara Mekawei - Pistachio, Mind, Map
I was afraid of climbing heights 
I can not wear gloves 
It is possible to stop drink wine for five minutes and drink a cup of coffee without sugar 
A visitor enters the kitchen and everyone is silent for minutes ... 
He begins to speak asking for a glass of milk .. 
He holds the milk cup saying: “I used to smoke in the kitchen while I was drinking milk, so there is no law preventing me from doing so.” 
There is a word to define two jobs in Egypt, “prompter”, the person who prompts religious words after the death in the coffin and the person who prompts actors on the theater. 
He closes his phone on Friday evening, when he reads, so he can not hear the surround sounds around him. 
Can you wear a sports shoe with a classic suit? 
The color of your nails changes, the size of things around you varies irregularly, your breathing rate changes and you realize you are a different person every hour and a half.

Maria da Rocha - Beetroot
Maria da Rocha has a broad and healthy spectrum of interest for diverse musical languages, materialized in the individual and collective processes of composition and improvisation. Particularly active between Lisbon-Berlin-Stockholm, she has been artist in residency in renown studios for electroacoustic experimentation (including the mitical EMS of Sweden’s capital), as well as collaborated with the sweedish electroacoustic composer Maria W Horn in an enigmatic and fascinating duo consisting of dialogues between viola, real time processing and synthesis: "Pink" by Creative Sources Label. This sound universe evolves to the newest work “Beetroot”, absolute solo release by Shhpuma Label. After its first release concert at Rescaldo Festival, Lisbon, we can listen to it at Spektrum Berlin. 

Verónica Mota - Sea Priestess

"The Sea Priestess has come
 With her feminine energy
She has come to stay.

The Sea Priestess has come
 She has come to balance
 All the dark energies
 The order in chaos
 And the despair we experience in love

This is the time for the feminine energy
 This is the time where feminine-masculine
 Finally meet, as equals.

A time of light and development.
 A time of truth."

(Lyrics I Extract I By Verónica Mota) 


Yara Mekawei is a Cairo-based electro-acoustic music composer and sound artist. A prolific artist and scholar, Yara‘s sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the flow of urban centers and the infrastructure of cities. She concerned with the philosophy of architecture building, it’s history and it’s connection with the surrounding emptiness. She extracting the musical conversation of the visual images. A prolific video artist and performance artist, which integrates the exotic visual elements of the society into fusion progressive of her projects, she is a curator who initiates and curates multidisciplinary interventions, events, concerts and workshops in Europe and the Middle East. yaramekawei.wixsite.com/yaramekawei

Maria da Rocha's sound has emerged from an intimate connection to the violin and from the fascination how analog synthetised noises can resemble those from everyday life: nature, machines and other sounding objects, partly with a life of their own. Maria da Rocha (Lisbon, PT) plays violin & viola, researches, teaches, creates mostly in the field of new, experimental & electroacoustic music. She played various works solo with orchestra or as tutti and collaborated with ensembles in new music festivals in Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom and Poland. Her multimedia compositions emerged in collaboration and have been presented in various festivals, such as the release of the album Pink: daRocha/Horn (viola and live electronics), recorded at TU-Studios in Berlin. Her solo album (violin&electronics) was recorded at an awarded composer residency at EMS, Stockholm, mastered in VICC, Visby, edited by Shhpuma. mariadarocha.com

Verónica Mota is a professional sound artist currently working in Berlin. Her works encompass analogue and digital synthesis, field recordings and Musique Concrète techniques, often displaying her proficiency at playing a variety of instruments. She has produced a large body of soundtrack work for Radio, film and performance, and, with Cubop, Twin Flame & Espectra Negra, as a solo artist in her own right. ​Since 2016 she has also been a member of The Ready Orchestra which brings together 21 female soloists based in Berlin with a Classic, Electronic, Electro-acoustic and Experimental background. ​ At present Verónica Mota is working on more ambitious projects which bring together live sound, vocalism, visuals and ritualistic body art performance in collaboration mostly with Berlin based artists.