18 November | 20:00

Vinzenz Schwab, Andreas Stoiber, Daniel Lercher #69

Doors: 19:30

Start time: 20:00


Electroacoustic performances by:

  • Vinzenz Schwab
  • Andreas Stoiber
  • Daniel Lercher 

Vinzenz Schwab works with self-recorded sound material and its transformational possibilities in regard to algorithmic compositions for multi-channel performances, as well as improvisation in different formations. enriched with everyday, extraordinary, personal and fictitious features, the music could be described as tender landscapes, microtonal forest glades or harsh disaster areas.



Andreas "Krach" Stoiber

Andreas spent a couple of years on learning the secrets of the no-input mixer, after studying Electroacoustic Music in Vienna where he met Vinzenz and Daniel. Besides that he is known for djing disco-funk and the performance show "Krach der Roboter" in a cardboard box outfit. He had a residency at STEIM, played at festivals like Bent! (NY, LA), Roboexotica, Reheat and Elevate.



Daniel Lercher

Born 1983 in the Austrian countryside, currently lives and works as a musician, composer and sound artist in Vienna. He is a graduate of the course in computer music and electronic media at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. Lercher’s work focuses on electroacoustic composition/improvisation, live-electronic, phonography, installations, music for dance & film, etc. His list of activities includes concerts, installations and residencies in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Numerous collaborations with national and international musicians & artists.