10 November | 20:00

Uproot & Elena Kakaliagou / Matias Guerra #223

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
Entrance 6-10 euro (up to your offer)

Sound art evening with two performances, both connecting acoustic and electronic sounds by:

  • Uproot (Ganesh Anandan, Marcello Lussana & kriton b.)

  • Elena Kakaliagou / Matias Guerra




Uproot is an electroacoustic group that is based in Berlin consisting of Ganesh Anandan on shruti stick and microtonal metallophones, Marcello Lussana on live electronics and kriton b. on harmonium and objects. The trio works with the use of both the natural acoustic sounds as well as with preparation of these instruments, the use of objects and extended techniques. The interplay of the two acoustic artists is linked and fused with the use of live electronics, creating a sonic hall of mirrors where the beginning and the end of any sound merge and the sound source begins gradually to disappear. 

Matias Guerra was born 1973 in Santiago, Chile. Has lived in Quito, London and Rome. Now resident in Milan. Besides his activity as visual artist, he is deeply interested in sound art and improvisation. As Information Technology expert, a field in which he also works, he's involved since 1990 as promoter and in the realization of cultural projects inherent to art, IT, communication, critique and social movements. Has collaborated with several associations as painter, organizer or promoter, always prioritizing collective and self-sustained work.

Elena Margarita Kakaliagou (GR) is a Greek-Austrian sound artist that came through an aesthetics of "right now and here" both through her classical education (Diploma in Volos, Greece, BA in Graz, Osterreich, MA in Siba, Finland) and her experimental and contemporary performances.