21 November | 19:00

The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits #71

Doors: 18:30

Start time: 19:00

An evening with The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits 

Complex behaviors, whether in feedback systems, chaotic circuits, social systems and/or computer programs are fascinating objects of study. The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits (students, alumni and associates of the class Generative Art / Computational Art at UdK Berlin) explores the possibility spaces of such systems for experimental performance. They design, build and program their own audio/visual performance systems based on a variety of devices, sensors, analog electronics, and software synthesis, and use them in extremely diverse projects, often intended for performance contexts.

Performances by (in no particular order what so ever):

Yu Xiaolu - light box
I made a wooden box as an instrument; it senses the light all around it. By manipulating the box, I can influence processes inside the computer, such as values for volume, frequency, rhythm, and so an. As these values change, the images in the video follow suit.

Li-Chi Hsiao - Chaining
Through the stress I feel from tying my body with cables, I would like to connect myself to the sound directly and instinctively. That is, how I feel that sound is.

Alexander Choeb - Nicki Moustaj
Based on algorithms, probability tables and markov chains, Nicki Moustaj is a performance forming strictly rhythmical structures while compelling the performer to obtain influence on the unpredictable.

Haye Heerten - Spectral Crossover
In a novel take on audiovisual synthesis a digital feedback system is used to generate abstract visual patterns in real time which simultaneously get translated into audio signals. Through putting the visuals first the attempt to directly correlate visual and aural sensation is surprisingly convincing.

Jessica Ekomane, live electronic
Her practice unfolds around sound installations and site-specific sound interventions. In her performances she build layers of saturated loops, low frequencies and manipulated field recordings.

Hannes Hoelzl - cosmicroscoperetta: discoveraged
an improvisational exercise in keeping 41 little music machines - soft and hard - happily swinging. With an added contraption that enforces the performer to make silly faces.

Niko LFO and Jonas Hummel - SUM SUM
SUM SUM is a self-designed instrument/controller by Niko LFO and Jonas Hummel first developed within the research program for design and development of new digital instrument 3DMIN. The current version SUM v0.2 is performed as an Interactive Sonic Game in which the evolution of the music is determinate by the play yet with an indeterminate outcome.

Termotank is a project created in 2008 by Matías Brunacci and Guido Flichman. Termotank has taken part in numerous festivals in Argentina and Latin America: among these are Festival Enlaces, Ritmos Rotos, Festival Equinoxio, SirveVerse, ProbetaLab, Killerdrumz, Festival Asimetría (Perú), and more. Termotank has made five independently-produced and -recorded albums: Antípodas (2008), Perú (2008), Exosphere (2009), Serpiente Negra (2012), and Fernweh (2015).

Consists of self-made synthesisers that are then hooked up to an array of different plants. The plants, who have their own unique timber shape the sound of each oscillator. Because of physiological reactions, mainly due to their defensive system, the plants modulate the frequency they produce, creating an alive and ever morphing sound. On stage, a.melodie composes with the sounds produced and modulated live by the plants.

Interactive sound installation


Fernweh3D is a new, interactive album by Termotank. It is a dark and bucolic three-dimensional world begging to be explored. The user moves throughout the virtual space of this world, which is specially crafted so that the tracks from the new album may be discovered and listened to therein. Fernweh3D does not make use of any predetermined paths or preferential orientation; it has no plot, no directions to be followed, and no order of operations. The user has total freedom and absolute control over their virtual body.