18 November | 20:00

Tadej Droljc / Doron Sadja #390

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

Doron Sadja - Point Line Circle
"a point, a line, a circle" is a kinetic sound performance centered around a single motorized speaker/light and is part of a larger series of works called “Airsonic Sculptures” that attempt to demonstrate the spatial and sculptural qualities of sound. Similar to how a 3D printer slowly prints an object one layer after another, ""a point, a line, a circle"" slowly pans sound and light around the room, allowing an interaction between movement, frequency, and acoustics to ‘print’ sonic shapes in space. Rather than resulting in a tangible 3 dimensional object, we are left with a composition whose form is like a long exposure photograph of sonic shapes. 

Tadej Droljc - Capillaries Capillaries  
Performance of audiovisual composition based on a non-hierarchical and bi-directional relationship between sound and image. Therefore the audiovisual performance does not represent a visualisation of music or sonification of an image but rather a tangle of audiovisual interactions. Sounds and rhythms may come from the movement of visual forms while the visuals also respond to the sound. A special real-time AV system between Max and Live was created (that consists of numerous custom made Max abstractions, externals and Max for Live devices) to make the composition.

The work explores the idea of an audio-visual-time object where shape, time and sound interact with one another. The main focus of the piece are the structures that emerge from the force field that pulls such object towards two opposite extremes - tidy precomposed order or generative chaos. The situation reflects the id-ego-superego model which represents the conceptual background. Just as the ego is established in-between the two groups of conflicting forces that constitute, distort, constraint or disperse our subjectivity, so too is the material of Capillaries Capillaries. Throughout the piece we observe the behaviour of one and the same material from different perspectives. 

Special thanks goes to: Dr Alex Harker and Prof. Pierre Alexandre Tremblay for being amazing PhD mentors. Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield, for awarding me a Denis Smalley Scholarship in Electroacoustic Music. Ministry of Culture Slovenia for awarding me a scholarship for post-graduate studies abroad.

artists bios

Tadej Droljc is an interdisciplinary artist who works in the field of audiovisual composition, sound for picture and intermedia art. His work mainly consists of composing, sound design, sound visualisation, image sonification, programming musical and audiovisual instruments and effects or designing and programming systems for interactive/intermedia installations. In the past he was also working as a musical journalist on a radio for 9 years. At the moment he is focusing on a non-hierarchical audiovisual composition based on real-time audiovisual objects where the lines between mentioned segments of production are completely blurred. His audiovisual research is being funded by Slovenian Ministry of Culture and University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) where he was awarded Dennis Smalley scholarship in electroacoustic music and where he’s currently teaching and pursuing a doctorate.

Tadej performed and exhibited his works at festivals or galleries such as Ars Electronica, Brighton Digital Festival, Galerija Kapelica, Madatac, Electric Spring, Sajeta etc. In 2017 he also won two international awards: Lumen Prize Student Award in London and Most Promising Video Artist Award at Madatac festival in Madrid. http://www.tadej-droljc.org

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, and curator whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. Working primarily with multichannel spatialized sound – combining pristine electronics with lush romantic synthesizers, extreme frequencies, dense noise, and computer-enhanced acoustic instruments, Sadja creates post-human, hyper-emotive sonic architecture. Although each of Sadja’s works are striking in their singular and focused approach, his output is diverse: spanning everything from 25 speaker sound works to stroboscopic smoke and light shows, 360 degree projection pieces, and motorized speaker systems that precisely track sound around a venue. http://doron.sadja.com