15 July | 20:00

Sound Portraits #26: Corin

  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: open donation

Sound Portraits is a series of listening sessions, curated by Doron Sadja, focusing on the work of iconic composers who have paved the way for contemporary electronic music. 

For this session we will be focusing on an upcoming young electronic artist hailing from Melbourne who will be performing her works live and discussing her compositions with Doreen Ooi.

We warmly invite you discover this new talented musician, CORIN.

Read more about the series at http://sound-portraits.tumblr.com

http://sound-portraits.tumblr.comAbout CORIN
Corin Ileto is a Melbourne based producer, composer and performer. Through the performative aspect of Ileto’s compositions, she further explores intuitive algorithms through the mechanics of the human memory.

Her works are visceral with a strong sci-fi/cyborg flavour. Upon listening to her music, it is difficult to define what is performed live or what are prepared samples- this is an element she enjoys playing with, and exploring deeper in the ever blurring relationship between man and machine.

Her sonic language is steeped in an understanding of performative classical piano techniques and the melodies and harmonies she weaves on her main instrument, a Nord Stage Keyboard, echoes traditional teachings of classical harmony and melody, in a cave of sounds that are futuristic, artificial and angular.

She has performed at Roskilde Festival, Melbourne Boiler Room, Unsound Festival in Adelaide. and as guest artist for Fatima Al Qadiri. She has released two albums - Wave Systems (2015) and Virtuality (2016). Corin regularly collaborates with visual artist Tristan Jalleh and is also regularly commissioned compositions for dance performances.

Discover her work here: https://soundcloud.com/corinmusic