24 March | 20:00

Sonic Vibrations #2: Music and Mathematics

  • Doors: 19:00 
  • Lecture/introduction to New Musical Instruments: 19:30
  • Concert: 20:30
  • Entrance: 5 euro 

Music and Mathematics focuses on the constitutional relation of numbers in Music. Inner structures in sound related to the principle of fundamental frequencies and their harmonics, micro-tonalities, dissonances and mathematical superpositions unfold the logarithmic nature of music. These are the tools that invited artists use to decompose and recompose models of sound in the musical instrument by means of analog and digital technologies together with the intent to explore new possibilities of responsive systems (deep learning, behavioral software interaction, spatial sound).

Sonic Vibrations is a series of hybrid events presenting scientific and technological research applied to sound-art, new musical instruments and installation art in form of exhibitions, conferences and live acts. Principles of Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Psychoacoustic, Body Anatomy and so on are used by artists creating media works which are pushing the definition of cross-disciplinary boundaries between technology and science applied to vibrational art. Curated by Alfredo Ciannameo

Live Act: (3 * 1) != (1 x 3) by Aether Ore (Liz Allbee, Alberto de Campo and Hannes Hoelzl)

Many lesser oddball talents make the proud boast that they will invite you into their strange mental world and amaze you thereby. Allbee not only makes good on the promise, but she refuses to let you out again afterwards. I hereby dub her the Circe of the avant-garde music world, and I have now been turned into a pig.

 -Sound Projector, London, UK. April 2010

 Liz Allbee (1976) is a composer-performer who works with the imaginarchic potential of sonic material. Recurring themes in her work include extensions & embodiments and their interplay with instruments, everyday objects, and high and low technologies. She is fascinated by the guttural, protolinguistic qualities of musical voices and bodies. She has performed at Maerzmusik, Darmstadt, Donaueschingen, Huddersfield, Ostrava Days, Serralves, Bolzano Museum of Fine Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Berlin JazzFest, NorbergFestival, CTM, and Berghain, among others.

Alberto de Campo is a composer doing experimental art with electronic and computational means. He likes playing solo and in ensembles like Trio Brachiale, powerbooks_unplugged, and others, at times with code as interface, at times with a mix of self-written software, diverse interfaces and analog devices. He has long-time collaborations with Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler and others. His research projects have studied sonification of scientific data (SonEnvir) and the creation of complex musical instruments (3dmin). He is a professor for generative art / computational at Berlin University of the Arts, and enjoys creating complex cybernetics-inspired installation pieces, often with multiple participants. https://www.udk-berlin.de/en/people/detail/person/alberto-campo

Hannes Hoelzl is an experimental sound artist, researcher in hybrid music systems and academic teacher. He performs on self-devised electronic instruments in contexts of contemporary, jazz and noise music, as well as in dance and theatre productions and has played with hans w. koch, Zhang Jien, Mario de Vega, amongst many others, and is member of several ensembles. His sound installations have been exhibited in various festivals and musea throughout Europe, East Asia and the USA. Currently, he is assistant professor at the Berlin University of the Arts. http://earweego.net