11 August | 20:30

SCOPE presents: SÆLA & Ghatasheh / Barreiro / Seeger #482

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30 
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

Audiovisual performance night with:

  • SÆLA live + Visuals by Hala Ghatasheh

  • Servando Barreiro - I’m not the nerd I used to be...
    Experimental Audiovisual Performance, combining hardware, software and human interaction. Probabilistic sequences, data feedback, real life randomness and artificial stupidity in equal parts 

Interactive installation by Mauritius Seeger

Event organised by SCOPE - curated by AudeRrose


SÆLA, who actually studied jazz, moves between two horizonts: track-based electronica and (on this event) experimental soundscapes, wich form unheard structures of patterns and colors, that invite you to zoom in and out of the moment. SÆLA is a Leipzig based artist working with just analog hardware, such as modular synthesizersand guitar effects.

Hala Ghatasheh is a Jordanian media architect and multidisciplinary artist, specializing in the fields of immersive spatial experiences, digital art & design, and interactive media. Her work thrives to facilitate the mergence between analogue and digital art, integrating media & technology into the physical space, and creating multi-sensory spatial stories that communicate with the occupants and enhance their architectural experience. She has collaborated on various multidisciplinary projects regionally and internationally, and has taken part in several Art and Design Festivals, including Genius Loci Weimar, Amman Design Week 2017, and Kunstfest Weimar 2016. Ghatasheh is currently based in Weimar, Germany.

Servando Barreiro is a multimedia artist working with sound, video in realtime and interaction with weird modular softwares and DIY Hardware. More info: http://servando.teks.no

Mauritius Seeger is an interactive programmer and video artist, also interested in photography, live video performances, and interactive art. His current work focuses on lighting, projections, displays and art projects that draw on my experience in computer vision and my interest in lens based media.