09 March | 20:00

SCOPE presents: Merlin Ettore & Lena Kilchitskaya / Marco Kuhn & Reaktant #426

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Performance night with:

  • Merlin Ettore & Lena Kilchitskaya - Aether
    Live and improvised sound and dance duo

  • Marco Kuhn & Reaktant - The Moment
    The Moment represents a life-cycle with all its facets. The participants experience the importance of the moment. The past and the future do not matter. Only the moment counts. If we are conscious in the here and now, then we directly change the future. The multisensory system creates a symbiosis between the performer, the sound and the visuals. These 3 entities together form a unit that changes in real-time through feedback processes. http://moment.hi-pi.de/

Event presented by SCOPE - curated by Jemma Woolmore

Merlin Ettore is a creative freak: a virtuoso drummer, masterful producer and coveted visual artist. With a long-established artistic persona proving as polymorphic as his skillset, his message cuts as striking and uncompromising, defined by a bold aesthetique-noire he can call his own. Whilst the intense, polyrhythmic powerplay that underpins his live performances leaves a compelling mark, his compositions reveal a mastery of both the acoustic instruments and analogue equipment that define his sound. https://www.instagram.com/merlin_ettore

Lena Kilchitskaya is a freelance dancer based in Berlin. Since 2006 she has been successfully taking part in dance festivals in Russia and Europe including world dance championships. Lena has been working with “Sona Hovsepyan Dance Company” for 4 years where she developed her passion for unconventional shapes and lines. She recently toured as a dancer with a circus production “Analog: Finale” and worked on a site-spesific performance by Troels Primdahl in Denmark. Lena is also being involved in various interdisciplinary art projects including dance, fashion and experimental music videos and performances. https://www.instagram.com/elen_frei

Marco Kuhn is a sound and visual artist and lives in Berlin. He has a programmer's mind and an artist's soul. He is the performer and is responsible for the sounddesign for "The Moment".

Reaktant is a visual artist and lives in Berlin. He talks vvvv and creates the generative visuals for the performance which will be controlled by the movement, the sound and the contraction of the muscles in real-time.