21 October | 20:00

SCOPE presents: H. Schramm & N. Wiese / Patrick K.H. & A. Karaoulanis / xname #376

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

AV performance night with:

  • Heidrun Schramm & Nicolas Wiese - audiovisual electroacoustic set premier performance of three new pieces:
    1. Sightings > Repercussions 
    2. International Scribblings 
    3. Pseudo_Code / Version 3.2 
    Heidrun Schramm and Nicolas Wiese have been performing together since 2004, mostly in either audiovisual or site-specific, installative formats.

  • Patrick K.H. & Andreas Karaoulanis 
    Each performance of Vienna-based Patrick K.-H. (aka Anton Iakhontov) and Berlin-based bestbefore (aka Andreas Karaoulanis) isn’t easily characterised or deconstructed — their absurd digital / analogue hybrid concoctions are built upon dada collage approach in graphic and sonic art and a need to confound assumptions. They make live and studio animations by sharing, combining, mutating, convolving, variating hints, sketches, sequences and bits of each other’s material until their animated homunculus is ready to go.

  • xname - Live composition
    Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self built synthesizers and complex semi chaotic machines. The result is an hypnotic spectacle dominated by stroboscopy and industrial and noise-techno frequencies.

Installation-screening: Animation / video by Patrick K.-H. and bestbefore

1) "Dbl Trbl" (music - diNMachine), 2016
2) "Maldek" (music - Antonis Anissegos and Daniel Schröteler), 2017
3) "Piano Etude 1" (music - Antonis Anissegos), 2015
4) "Piano Etude 2" (music - Antonis Anissegos), 2015
5) "Chaoskampf" (music - unu), 2014

Screening of Patrick K.-H. / bestbefore music videos previews their activity in this field, where they collaborate with German, Greek and American bands and composers.
It is about the neuro-semantical relations of music to emotions - how ears would use sonic language not just to transfer musical meanings from outer to inner domain but to contemplate the kind of relationship between the seen and the heard, the way in which sounds don’t just point to subjects but are bestowed with feelings, which can shape the pictures with a sense of structure.

Event presented by SCOPE: curated by AudeRrose


Heidrun Schramm
 holds an MA from the UdK, Berlin; where she studied in the Sound Studies Program with Prof. Sabine Breitsameter and Prof. Dr. Martin Supper. Her work includes intermedia composition and audiovisual installation. Her electroacoustic concepts employ source material from acoustic instruments, objects, and field recordings. The staged results are hybrid forms between acousmatic concerts, performance art, and installation. The initial point of her work can be an incidental noise or discreet tone, simply happening in a given situation. These found sounds are thoroughly investigated in regards to their properties and potentials. Everyday life, spatial context, and poetic transformation are important factors in her work. Schramm's work has been performed, exhibited, and screened in festivals, venues and galleries such as: Heroines of Sound Festival Berlin, Kunstverein Gera, One Minute Film Festival Aarau/Switzerland, Velak Gala Vienna, Blurred Edges Festival Hamburg. Additionally, she has been teaching at the UdK Berlin since 2013, and has been leading artistic workshops in schools since 2011. http://www.heidrunschramm.net

Nicolas Wiese is an audiovisual artist, designer and composer/performer of electroacoustic sound. He lives and works in Berlin since 2006. He creates works in different formats and media, for various contexts – installation and spatial performance, contemporary electronic composition, relational and improvised music, graphic art, drawing, collage, radio and experimental film. There have been numerous audio publications and radio broadcasts worldwide. Selected peformances, exhibitions, screenings: Berlinische Galerie / Berlin, TADAEX digital art exhibition / Tehran, REM series / Museum Weserburg, Bremen, Weezie Gallery for Contemporary Art Leipzig, Festival SONIKAS / Madrid, De Witte Zaal / Ghent, Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht / Vienna, Galerie Hunchentoot / Berlin, Imprimerie / Basel, Hunt Gallery / St. Louis, USA, Miden Video Art Festival / Kalamata, Greece, Haus am Luetzowplatz / Berlin, Hafriyat Karakoy / Istanbul, Wohlfahrt / Rotterdam, Raum 2 / Mannheim, Museum for Arts and Craft / Hamburg, ETH Digital Arts Week / Zurich, Duotone Arts Festival / Kelowna, Canada, Altera! Festival / Avellino, Italy, Hoerbar / Hamburg, SKAM / Hamburg, Atelier Mommen / Brussels, Konzerthaus Berlin, British Film Institute / London. http://nicolaswiese.com


Patrick K.-H. (aka Anton Iakhontov) sound artist / video artist / composer, for the time works with sound installations, live and written acousmatic, graphical collage and animation. Researches interactive / cross-disciplinary forms, permutating the media, aiming on achieving unexpected mutants. Member of Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow Conservatory, Moscow Cyber Orchestra and many other international collaborations. Author of music / video to drama / contemporary dance / post-dramatic theatre plays and performances as well as his own works in Russia, Austria and Germany. Art-director of Media Studio in Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg. Founder and co-curator of the Floating Sound Gallery for spatial sound (St.Petersburg), organiser and curator of festivals and educational programs. Currently lives and works in Vienna / St.Petersburg. http://drawnsound.org/

Andreas Karaoulanis comes from a Computer Science and Animation background. His current work deals with interactive media design and animation. He has present his work in Museum Of London, Moscow, Paris and in various Galleries and spaces around Europe. One of his latest projects is bestbefore, an online interactive showcase blog with hundreds of daily visitors.He is member, along with Antonis Anissegos of the duo “best before unu” , focusing in improvised audio-visual relationship. www.bestbefore.gr


xname is solo project by Eleonora Oreggia, a London based conceptual electronic artist from Milan (IT) making performances and interactive installations. She studied at DAMS (Drama Art and Music Studies) in Bologna and worked in Amsterdam at Netherlands Institute for Media Art and at Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastrich. In London has been awarded an MPhil from Goldsmiths College and she is completing a fully funded PhD in Media & Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London. http://xname.cc/