21 July | 20:00

SCOPE presents: Ari Dykier / Gilbert Sinnott (Autr) / Tihomir Zdjelarević #476

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30 
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

Audiovisual performance night with:

  • Ari Dykier - Labyrinth is an audiovisual performance built on the base of vintage illustrations. It’s an oneiric and surreal journey that takes the audience through experience of dreams , memories, thoughts , emotions and symbols that eventually are building unique and unforgettable chance of connections , images and meanings. The work refers to the tradition of surreal animation as well as surreal art itself and is collection of childhood memories , dreams, myths , experiences of artworks, movies , literature , poetry. The title refers to the Jan Lenica animated movie that was one of the inspirations as well as to mythology or specific state of mind.

  • Gilbert Sinnott / Autr + Tihomir Zdjelarević - Terraform VI
    Terraform VI is the 6th audio-visual performance of the Terraforms project, which through through video synthesis, signal recursion and feedback, imagines communiques of far away terraforming projects; colourful abstractions of gestalt space and landscape describing forms and patterns, flora and fauna of distant planetary sculpture and ecology.

Event organised by SCOPE - curated by AudeRrose


ARI DYKIER is visual artist based in Poland. He attended Camerimage Film School and most of his career works as filmmaker.With passion for animated works he focused himself on creating animated visuals and frequently takes a part in festivals like Live Performers Meeting(Cape Town,Rome,Amsterdam), Visual Brasil (Barcelona),Generate!(Tübingen),Patchlab (Kraków),B-Seite (Mannheim),ROM (Budapest),Nokta Festival(Opole),Kyiv Lights Festival and others. In 2017 he made a project creating visuals for concerts of renowned polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori. His works refers to tradition of surreal animation and wide range of art genres. Through the visuals made from vintage illustrations he attempts to recreate experience of dream and oneiric reality taking inspiration from childhood fairytales,movies, paintings, books or music. As a self-taught animator he uses digital technics to create his content but also gives a try to traditional , hand drawing animation.

Gilbert Sinnott is a visual artist and video hacker working with modified and repurposed video equipment, hybrid analogue and digital image making and improvisation, and creative coding. He has performed live visuals for Venetian Snares, Planet Mu records and Icasea artists, and explores new forms of video-painting and synaesthetic improvisation as Autr. www.autr.tv

Tihomir Zdjelarević is a Berlin based musician working with modular synthesizer, string synthesizer, guitar, four-track and hardware effects to craft soundscapes. Influenced by 70s psychedelic music, Krautrock and Berlin school of electronic music, he sent himself on a journey to rekindle these sounds into another authentic experience. www.bit.ly/Mikrowelt