11 May | 20:30

SCOPE presents: Amberscope / M. Kardinal & Monocube #450

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)
  • Event presented by SCOPE

Performance night with:

  • M. Kardinal & Monocube - APPARITIONS: III. Substratum
  • Linas Kutavičius & Paulius Kilbauskas - Amberscope  

Event presented by SCOPE - Curated by Kiritan Flux 

Linas Kutavičius & Paulius Kilbauskas - Amberscope  
The analog light scope projection of crystalized past is captured in the amber and shines to your imagination. Light artist Linas Kutavičius delivers the visual inspiration by projecting natural Baltic amber pieces through his original design analog light beamers. Composer and musician Paulius Kilbauskas becomes the story teller. Audience smoothly dives into a meditation mode whenever their mood and beliefs are.

M. Kardinal & Monocube - APPARITIONS: III. Substratum
APPARITIONS: III. Substratum, the audiovisual performance of M. Kardinal & Monocube is the third part of APPARITIONS series to reflect and embody elusive happenings beyond human’s perception using analog technique.

The visual motifs in APPARITIONS: III. Substratum are based on found VHS-footage which is released from its original content and form during the analog manipulation. For the analog processing, M. Kardinal uses a modified video-processor from the 1990s and alters the images in real-time. Monocube is exploring the field of the post-industrial music scene: dark ambient, drone, noise and experimental electronics using mostly analog instruments, including modular synthesizer which creates a monolith atmosphere and sonic density for the APPARITIONS series of performances.

III. Substratum: An inner garden, a sacrament place for the one who yearns and seeks the place to restore themselves from the shattered cosmos. Slowly emerging into the light - one’s nature reveals itself exposing the beauty of a human mind’s substratum. Imagine a Hortus Amoris, which provides bewildering path into inner life and having a cryptic dialogue with themselves.

Every frame and sound have a mythical and primordial tones in the performance of M. Kardinal & Monocube, one has the visions and the imminent reflection of them in streams of semiconsciousness, invoking love, acceptance and sacrifice. An inner place to be - to overcome the contemporary malaise of spiritual alienation and the maelstrom of the unconscious.



Visual artist Linas Kutavičius is known for his light installations shaping the public spaces of the venues and festivals in Lithuania for the last fifteen years. Big size geometric and sculptural light installations became trademark of him. The last couple of years Linas Kutavičius started experiments with the focused lightbeam projecting the natural Baltic amber by his original design devices. In collaboration with Paulius Kilbauskas it became an Amberscope project.

Composer Paulius Kilbauskas, known in the independent, experimental music scene of Lithuania since late nineties, made a long way by connecting instrumental sound with the the digital and analog extensions. Lately he is known for his works in film industry for making soundtracks for movies and documentaries. His organic synthesized sound becomes the storyteller of the Amberscope.

M. Kardinal is a visual artist based in Berlin (DE). Her work has been internationally exhibited, screened, performed live and discussed since 2004 across Europe, North America and New Zealand. She has collaborated with various musicians and artists from Galicia (Spain), Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Canada and the United States. http://segmentederwirklichkeit.de

Monocube is a Ukrainian dark ambient act, being active since 2008. He participated “Drone Mind“ LP compilation series on Drone Records (DE) and released the full length album on Malignant Records (US). Since 2017 Monocube collaborated with M. Kardinal and various international artists from Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Currently a new album is being prepared for the release on Malignant Records and Cyclic Law. http://monocubeofficial.com