04 March | 19:00

Risovannyj Zvuk: Graphical Sound in Soviet Russia and beyond #274

There is a little awareness that in 1930-s while Rudolf Pfenninger and Oskar Fischinger in Germany were trying to produce experimental sound works purely with drawing methods, the same efforts were made by Arseny Avraamov in USSR. The hidden history of graphical sound in Soviet Russia would still be little known in modern Russia and almost unknown outside of the country, if Andrey Smirnov in 2013 didn't present the book "Sound in Z", where the results of his longstanding research were published. "Risovannyj Zvuk" is aimed to give an overview of the history of graphical sound in Soviet Russia and beyond as well as to show the modern interpretation of it. 

19:00 - opening of the Marcel Schwittlick's installation "Digital motion / Composition #37"
20:00 - Introduction lecture of Jan Thoben, screening and online live interview with Andrey Smirnov
21:00 - Premiere of "Elliptical sound collage" by Patrick K.-H. and AudeRrose (additional programming - Oleg Makarov)

The event is curated by Arina Koreniushkina
Part of the transmediale/CTM Vorspiel 2017 festival

Andrey Smirnov is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, collector, writer, composer. He is a researcher and senior lecturer at the Centre for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory, and a lecturer at the Rodchenko School for Modern Photography and Multimedia, where he teaches courses on history and aesthetics of electroacoustic music, sound design and composition, new musical interfaces and physical computing. In 1992-2012 he was the founding director of the Theremin Center in Moscow. He has conducted numerous workshops and master classes in the U.S., Europe and Russia, and participated in various festivals and conferences. Since 1976 he conducts research on the development of electronic music techniques and gestural interfaces. His collection of the historical documents and original electronic musical instruments has been combined with extensive research into the history of music technology with broad experience in composition, interactive performance and curatorial activities. 

Jan Thoben is a musicologist and art historian. He has published on the cultural history of optical sound and co-edited the print and online compendium see-this-sound. Since 2013 he has lectured at universities and art academies in the UK and Germany. Thoben is research and teaching assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. He also lectures at the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts postgraduate course at the Berlin University of the Arts. 

Marcel Schwittlick is an interdisciplinary artist. With his work he is examining possibilities of combining analog and digital systems. He is interested in digital culture, cybernetic systems and its inclinations on social relationships on all levels. He is experimenting with a variety of media, ranging from digital images, installations, videos and acrylic paintings. Recent developments in artificial intelligence research are having a heavy influence on his work.

"Digital Motion / Composition #37"
The installation draws one instance of the Composition #37 series with a plotter on a piece of paper. This series plays with algorithmic geometric arrangements of computer mouse movement recordings. While this drawing slowly evolves, a microscope is attached to the same axis as the pen. It is capturing the closeup of the drawing revealing alternating black and white lines filtered through the grain of the paper surface.

AudeRrose is multi-disciplinary artist, working with performance, photography, sound and projection. Her imagery plays with narrative structures, developing dreamy and intimate universes, exploring various forms of interplay between body, images in motion, deconstructive narrations and self-mythology. Her performances articulate live scenography protocols, integrating video as an environment medium, often using real-time camera feedback, considering the black box as a possible oneiric space, where sounds and images communicate in a poetic and narrative journey. 

Patrick K.-H. (aka Anton Iakhontov) is sound artist / video artist / composer. He works with sound installations, live and written acousmatic, graphical collage and animation and researches interactive / cross-disciplinary forms, permutating the media, aiming on achieving unexpected mutants. Being member of Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow Conservatory, Moscow Cyber Orchestra and many other international collaborations, he plays and performances in Russia, Austria and Germany. Besides that he puts lots of effort in spreading the knowledge, organizing educational programs and curating events at Media Studio in Alexandrinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg) and in founded by him the Floating Sound Gallery for spatial sound (St.Petersburg).

"Elliptical sound collage"
Visual vivisectional practices upon Chinese ink, sun prints, painting, transforming organic shapes into surreal live collages, reflecting the journey that sound does simultaneously. Both performers, brought up in different conceptual and technical backgrounds, have crossed paths by sharing admiration to graphical sound, from its tradition to modernity – which gives them a pivot for the arising structure submitted within the graphical sound vocabulary.

*Additional Programming - Oleg Makarov