16 February | 20:00

Psst#3 - Lasal with Afgan / Fax w. M. Berardi

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

Lasal with Afgan - A/V Performance

/Arístides Job García Hernández (aka LASAL)
Born 1976 in Tenerife (Spain), currently living in Berlin working as a freelance generative-interactive designer. Recently, he has developed audiovisual sequencers, inspired on the abstraction “The Sound of the Geometry”, parametric design tools to produce paper artworks, data visualization and public mutimedia installations. As interaction and generative media designer he has worked for companies like Mercedes Benz, IBM, Audi, Merck and Deutsche Telekom beyond others. Also experience on large media installations and sound visualisation, like the Elbphilarmonie opening in Hamburg, and the interactive dance performance “Falls the Shadow” with Daniil Simkin in the NYC Guggenheim. http://aristidesgarcia-blog.tumblr.com/

Shifting psychedelic noise project from the faraway volcano islands. A mobile space/time section of a whole that changes who cares why or where. Appeared as a flow somewhere in 2005 and led by Sarajevo born Kurajica, a member of other bands such as Gaf y la estrella de la muerte or Tupperwear. Debuted in 2008 on The Telescopes UK label Antenna Records with 'White Walls, Black Eyes', the only album so far. www.antennarecords.com www.gafcanaryislands.com



Andrea Familari /// FAX with Marco Berardi - A/V Impro

/Marco Berardi
Based and active in Berlin since 2011, his sonic work is developed around an unconventional retrieving and processing of traditional instruments, soundscaping and polyrhythmic drums textures. Exploring the ambient, experimental and bass  spectrum as live performer, his sound has been hosted at Contort (NewCodes Berlin Atonal), Flussi Media Art Festival, Krake Festival, Freqs Of Nature, RoBOt Festival, Gegen,://about blank, Suicide Circus, Griessmühle and many others. https://soundcloud.com/mogano