Pornfilmfestival - day 4

30 October | 11:00 - 22:00

The Pornfilmfestival Berlin is an alternative, independent film festival that focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues, and is the only festival of its kind in Germany.

Today's program at SPEKTRUM:

  • 11:00 - Film: Female Hunters Shorts
  • 13:00 - Film: Gay Porn Shorts 2
  • 15:00 - Panel discussion & Hands-On VR: The Next Big Hype: Can Virtual Reality Save the Porn Industry?
  • 17:00 - Film: Lesbian Docs Shorts
  • 21:00 - Performance: Fossil Nights

Films and performances: 7 € / Lectures and panel discussion: admission free


Full program at Spektrum available here


78 min
With more films from the perspectives of women each year, this time we found an interesting new and recurrent figure: the female hunter. She rides a motorbike and takes what she wants. Or she explores the limits of sex apps. When riding the train, she undresses the boys with her mind. And if she ever is molested, she knows how to take revenge. Mercilessly. Bravo.


The Bitchhiker
by: Olympe de G
ES/DE 2016, 16 min, engl. OV


by: Paulita Pappel
DE 2015, 30 min, engl.OV


by: Paul Druce
DE 2015, 19 min, int. OV


Undercover Mistress  
by: Giulio Ciancamerla
IT 2016, 13 min, int. OV


84 min
 100 BOYFRIENDS MIXTAPE is as outspoken as its director. KANGOUROU shows sex fantasies on the train. HEIMAT XXX depicts gay alpine landscapes. Nature is also part of TUNTENPORNO. TOUCH OF THE OTHER walks into a Japanese public toilet, while #TWINKDREAMS play indoors and COMING OUT is accompanied by explicitness. TROUSER BAR is announced as “The most scandalous film of 2016”, and we wish you hard and scandalous fun with our Gay Porn Shorts!


100 Boyfriends Mixtape  
by: Brontez Purnell
US 2016, 14 min, engl. OV


by: Damien Moreau
US 2014, 8 min, engl. OV


Heimat XXX
by: Sebastian Dominic Auer
DE 2015, 14 min, int. OV


Tuntenporno: Ficken
by: Gitte Schmitz
DE 2016, 6 min, engl. OV


Trouser Bar
by: Kristen Bjorn
UK 2016, 19 min, engl. OV


Coming Out
by: Vijay Patel
UK 2016, 2 min, engl. OV + engl. UT


Touch of the Other
by: Imaizumi Koichi
JP 2016, 16 min, jap. OV + engl. UT


by: Finn Peaks & Harvey Rabbit
DE 2016, 5 min, engl. OV


Panel Discussion & Hands-On VR - THE NEXT BIG HYPE: Can Virtual Reality Save the Porn Industry?

with Michelle Flynn, Todd Glider, Nina,,


After 3D technology failed to establish itself in our living rooms, Virtual Reality seems to be the next big thing in entertainment – at least this is what the industry currently is telling us. Lower prices for VR headsets which can be used for both, gaming and watching movies, might indeed pave the way for a development which enthusiasts call a visual revolution. A growing number of filmmakers is jumping on the VR bandwagon, respective websites are shooting up like mushrooms. However, the ultimate immersive experience still needs to spread out to John Doe’s bedroom. Pornfilm-festival Berlin invited three VR filmmakers to take a look on the status of Virtual Reality porn today. The panel which is moderated by Berlin based pornographer Falk Lux will focus on differences between 2D and VR storytelling and analyse the requirements needed for creation of perfect immersive VR porn. Also the thrilling promise to be „part of the action“ – frequently given by the sex industry to their consumers – will be put on the test bench. After the discussion the audience will have a chance to shoot questions at the panelists and to check out porn clips at our VR counter.



68 min

The third lesbian program this year brings you three documentary films with very different perspectives on sexuality. A personal and humorous narrative from China reflects on gender in society, a collage film re-contextualizes the story of the lesbian sex worker Aileen Wuornos in the US-American imagery and a performance video which investigates the relationships between vibrancy and stagnation, sex and death, and trash and nature.


I’m going to make Lesbian Porn
by: Dajing
CN 2014, 29 min, mand. OV + engl. UT


Tell Me When YOU Die
by: Amber Bemak & Nadia Granados
MX 2013, 12 min, span. + engl. OV


Predatory Prostitute
by: Juniper Fleming
US 2015, 27 min, engl. OV





Who makes our desires turn in circles? What do our veils hide? What terrifies our senses? Exposing the original adventures of desire from the perspective of our somber hairy caves on up to our illuminated epilated concrete accompanied by improvised live music. Fossil Night is a poetic fable narrated in music, objects and puppet shadows. A quest that questions desire’s mutations, since the origin of ardour which forces the bodies to penetrate each other, until their canalizations into secular politeness.