PornFilmFestival - Day 3

29 October | 11:00 - 22:00

The Pornfilmfestival Berlin is an alternative, independent film festival that focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues, and is the only festival of its kind in Germany.

Today's program at SPEKTRUM:

  • 11:00 - Film: This Side of Heaven
  • 13:00 - Film: Pagan Variations
  • 15:00 - Lecture: Racial Politics in Porn
  • 17:00 - Film: Political Porn Shorts
  • 21:00 - Fetish Comedy Show

Films and performances: 7 € / Lectures and panel discussion: admission free


Full program at Spektrum available here


This Side of Heaven  
by: Todd Verow
with: Philly Abe US 2016, 92 min, engl. OV

In the past years, gentrification and housing shortage have become part of our everyday life in Berlin. In other cities, though, that development is even more disastrous already. In his new feature film THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN Todd Verow uses beseeching and dazzling monochromatic images to tells us the story of aging trans woman V in New York who clings to the lease for her apartment – and at the same time struggles for her mental health and her bare existence.


Pagan Variations
by: Aj Dirtystein
with: Marie Ausina, Lukas Zpira, KAy Garnellen
FR 2016, 85 min, OV + engl. UT

Artist/director Aj Dirtystein shows a visually brillant anthology of mythological, sexual, shamanistic rituals. Very diverse body types, sexualities, fetishes, pagan and obscurely spiritual phantasmagorias come together to create an insanely intensive cinematic experience. Definitely something for the big screen!


Moderation Jasco Viefhues
with Shine Louise Houston (Director: Snapshot), Bishop Black (Performer: Slowdance, Shapeshifters), Valentine (Performer), Sky Deep (Director & Performer: Enactone)

In porn, People of Color often become exotified and sexualised in non-human ways. Pornfilmfestival Berlin has created a platform for a diverse representation of bodies, but still most of the filmmakers are white and their films made for a white audience. In this panel, porn creators and actors of color discuss the possibilities for PoC porn to take space and be part of setting the agenda. Panelists: Shine Louise Houston, Bishop Black, Valentine and Sky Deep. Initiated and moderated by Jasco Viefhues.  

82 min

Porn is political and these films are tough. AMERICAN REFLEXXX is a short film documenting a social experiment that took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Director Alli Coates captured performance artist Signe Pierce as she strutted down a busy oceanside street in stripper garb and a reflective mask. The pair agreed not to communicate until the experiment was completed, but never anticipated the horror that would unfold in less than an hour. The film PREDATORY PROSTITUTE is rooted in the compelling relationships sex workers have, both directly and indirectly, to the legacy of Aileen Wuornos. Demonized as an inverted prostitute serial killer or pitied as a child/animal-minded victim, her portrait hangs heavy. In MY STORY lebanese queers tell their stories and in ENTHRALLED the African American director makes the connection between oppression and sexual desires visible.


American Reflexxx
by: Alli Coates
US 2015, 14 min, int. OV


My Story
by: 1 More Cup
LB 2016, 16 min, arab. OV + engl. UT


Predatory Prostitute
by: Juniper Fleming
US 2015, 27 min, engl. OV


Be Sexual
by: Antonio da Silva
BR 2016, 11 min, engl. OV


by: LaPorscha Wynne
US 2014, 14 min, engl. OV




In conjunction with Berlin’s 5 largest LGBT events is developing new upmarket event formats to enrich the variety of activities on offers for Berliners and visitors. The FETISH COMEDY SHOW is one of these new event highlights, that premiered on March 27 this year with a great success and several shows until now. We hope you will enjoy this special with Ben MacLean, one of the most successful comedians on the English-language comedy scene in Berlin, hosting the show. In the FETISH COMEDY SHOW he will present to the audience selected international comedy artists in a colourful mix of black humour and fetish - in fetish. The special guest for this show will be Colombian-American powerhouse Liliana Velásquez, an excellent comedian based in Berlin who was once a professional dominatrix! So enjoy the FETISH COMEDY SHOW, a must-see among Berlin’s international gay events - and don’t forget to plan your outfit: come dressed in your favourite fetish and get ready to laugh until it hurts!