27 October | 11:00

PornFilmFestival - Day 1

The Pornfilmfestival Berlin is an alternative, independent film festival that focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues, and is the only festival of its kind in Germany. 

Today's program at SPEKTRUM:

  • 11:00 - Film: O Animal Sonhado
  • 13:00 - Film: Fuck Them All
  • 15:00 - Lecture: Sex-Positive Parenting
  • 17:00 - Film: Sex Work Shorts
  • 19:30 - Film: Delirium

Films and performances: 7 € / Lectures and panel discussion: admission free


Full program at Spektrum available here



by: Breno Baptista, Samuel Brasileiro, Rodrigo Fernandes, Ticiana Augusto Lima, Victor Costa Lopes, Luciana Vieira
BR 2015, 78 min, port. OV + engl. UT

Six young film-makers tell us stories about Eros in modern Brazil. Enjoy beautiful pictures, suffused with the heat of the night. O ANIMAL SONHADO speaks about ecstasies and obsessions, about being alone, two-some or more-some. The result is a wonderful mosaic of urban life and love that works without any superfluous words. Travel with us through a fascinating and moving night.


Fuck them all
by: Maria Beatty
with: KAy Garnellen
US 2016, 70 min, fr. OV + engl. UT

Maria Beatty has been a longtime companion of the Pornfilmfestival – in fact, since the first edition in 2006! Best known for her morbid lesbian fetish scenarios, for FUCK THEM ALL she sets out to bring trans*porn to the screen like you’ve never seen it before! The elegant photography and lavish light design – not to mention festival darling KAy Garnellen in the main starring role – make it definitely most beautiful to look at.



The Pornfilmfestival Berlin has seen a significant number of births within our community of sex radicals in recent years. Could we be considered the world’s most family-friendly porn festival? What are the particular challenges facing porn performers and makers, and others working with sexuality in raising kids? May there even be advantages as well? How can we deal with social stigma attached to sex-positivity and sex work, while raising our kids to be conscious and confident about their bodies, identities, pleasure, and boundaries? Dreamed up and moderated by Sadie Lune and David Bloom – Panelists include Jennifer Lyon Bell, KAy Garnellen, and others.


72 min

The Pornfilmfestival is a platform where sex workers have a voice. Thus are films with and by sex workers and about sex work dear to us. In this program we present fictional stories from a stripper and a porn performer. J. Jackie Baier portrays street sex work in her new music video. Two documentaries give room to different sex workers’ experiences, one of them the third part of the trilogy by David Bloom.


Eu queria ser arrebatada, amordaçada e, nas minhas costas, tatuada
By: Andy Malafaia
BR 2015, 16 min, pt. OV + engl. UT


By: André Krummel
DE 2015, 15 min, dt. OV + engl. UT


By: Javier Ferreiro
CU 2015, 18 min, span. OV + engl. UT


Pride on Heels
By: J. Jackie Baier
DE 2016, 3 min, int. OV


By: David Bloom
DE 2016, 20 min, engl. OV


Love in Porn
By: Kseniya Yorsh
US, 2016, 20 min, engl. OV


DE/IT/CH 2015, 79 min., int. OV
 By: Cosmotropia de Xam

Inspired by film-makers such as Cronenberg, Lynch, Fulci and Tsukamoto mysterious Witch house musician Cosmotropia de Xam tells an equally tantalizing as nightmarish tale: His muse Shivabel Coeurnoir, being infected with a mysterious virus, wanders through a major Italian city. The surrealistic sequences in DELIRIUM and its unique audiovisual architecture create an unsettling synthesis of the arts which you will sense physically.