29 April | 20:00


  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: We are suggesting a 10 euros donation, but of course are flexible*
  • Feel free to wear your best leopard print outfit!

*The Entrance fee will go towards realizing the movie, for costs of shooting and production.

The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard
an educational and scientific short movie about the Berlin wildlife

Did you ever wonder what happens in the Berlin urban jungle, about the everyday fight for survival, about who eats whom and how the f**king gets done? Our upcoming short erotic movie has you covered! A discovery channel style, narrated and hundred percent factual film about the endangered species of the Berlin underground scene.

Based on my experiences as an Ausländer in Berlin for 10 years, The Urban Leopard tells the story of a city and a lifestyle which would be impossible anywhere else. A city that has a magnetic pull for people who don't belong, and where leopard print is totally in. A film about the sweet and the dark side of migrating to Deutschland to start over and mend a broken leopard heart.

The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard is a pseudo documentary, which will follow a group of people, throughout their everyday life,dressed in leopard print, and totally rocking it. There will be an introduction to their lifestyle, eating and sexual habits, and all the rest, just like in a nature movie. Under the funny, and fashionable surface, there is all the sadness and tragedy of being an outsider to a social structure, which is based on inhumanity and greed, instead of leorpardlove.

Borbala Szente aka Pina Brutal is a Berlin based performance artist and filmmaker from Budapest, Hungary. In her art the human body plays a central role, she discovers sexuality, eroticism, from a unique and sometimes disturbing point of view, mixed with elements of body art and extreme body art. www.pinabrutal.com

At the event there will be shown the teaser for the upcoming film, and short movies from

  • Harvey Rabbit
  • Maryann Peony
  • Tchivett
  • Mischa Badasyan
  • Livia Massei
  • Pina Brutal