28 October | 09:00 - 22:00

PFF at Spektrum - day 4

  • Films: 8 €
  • Lectures and panel discussion: admission free 
  • Get tickets: at Moviemento or online

The Pornfilmfestival Berlin is an alternative, independent film festival that focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues, and is the only festival of its kind in Germany. Since 2006, the festival has screened an average of over 100 films from around the world, featuring feminist and queer perspectives on questions around sexual morality, identity, and body norms, emphasizing artistic, alternative approaches to the genre of pornography. The festival is held in the oldest cinema in Germany — Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Some of the screenings, performances and lectures will take place in Spektrum.

Full program: http://pornfilmfestivalberlin.de/en/program-2017/

  • 9:00 - 11:30 Workshop: DIY Digital Gender
    Read more / sign up: https://spektrumberlin.de/events/detail/diy-digital-gender.html

  • 12:00 Competition Shorts, 73’ 
    Crystal Clear, 4’ Latifúndio, 11’ Never Forget, 3’ Green Velvet, 12’ Mum, I’m back, 5’ Spill, 10’ Flower, 17’ Fantasme, 4’ Furniture Porn Project, 11’ 

  • 14:00 Pornocractie, 80’ 
    Gast: Ovidie 

  • 16:00 Panel: Pornocracy: The state of the Industry 
    mit Ovidie, Patrick Bühler, Jiz Lee, Carlyle Jansen Mod. Jürgen Brüning 
    Free Admission 

  • 18:00 La Muneca Fea, 91’ 

  • 20:00 Female Porn shorts, 87’ 
    Trinity, 6’ BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling, 20’ Reset, 5’ Daybreak, 11’ Orion, 9’ Merger, 16’ for AE with Love..., 6’ L’ Apell Du Vide 14’

  • 22:00 Preview of HACKER PORN FILM FESTIVAL ( Rome ) - free entrance
    Preview of films with the presence of Lucio Massa and "Something Happens" by Ambrita Sunshine, followed by Dj Set - Drinks at the bar 
    Hacker Porn Film Festival was born in Rome from the idea of ​​Francesco Costabile (producer of the documentary Porn to be Free) and Lucio Massa (producer of several undeground movies including Hippocampus M 21th, Beyond Madness, Sexual Labytinth and Undercover Mistress). The mission of the festival is to give value and visibility to independent productions that make new subjects of investigation and research the bodies, sexuality, and the transitions between genres. The post porn, as writing, can undermine gender, language conventions and reassuring entertainment film we're used to. The festival aims to 'hack' and destabilize the conventional system of access to cinema. 
    Including preview of the political porn documentary short-film Fuck The Fascism by Maria Basura - see https://fuck-the-fascism.blogspot.de/

    DJ set by Rekia: a French producer of electronic music. Coming from the EBM scene and the new wave movement, he presents us with his brand new project a Dj set and a live full of sounds ranging from waves of arpeggiators to more ambient sonorities and great moments of electronic music.