17 March | 20:00

Patricia Bosshard, Soizic Lebrat, Anouck Genthon #429

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Patricia Bosshard, Soizic Lebrat, Anouck Genthon
An improvised string trio which focuses on the improvised gesture of sounds actions, totally oriented towards the present. Sound and the act of listening constitute the core of this performance.

Patricia Bosshard is a composer and violonist from Lausanne in Switzerland, having a background both in jazz as well as in electronics. Besides numerous gigs in the free impro-scene as soloist, with small groups or in big orchestras (ONCEIM, IMO), she collaborates with the video artist Nicolas Wintsch, composes orchestral music for film and for contemporary ensembles. She produced the acoustic signals for the Metro M2 in Lausanne. Winner of the Luffʼs price with Simon Grab with the MRI project, electronicmusic with MRI sounds. Artist resident at the Steim in 2012, working on a sensorbow. Her language elaborates a very fine listening into the sound. http://www.patriciabosshard.net

After training as a classical musician (first conservatory prize) and music historian (doctorate in cultural history of music), Soizic Lebrat expands her practices of interpreter to those of improviser, composer and researcher in music. Engaged in an experimental approach, she leads creative projects that challenge and reflect each of her postures and integrate areas of scientific research through the experimentation of practices and processes that she implements: Ope1000 (2007- 2009), Music Factory (2012-2017), Radiophonium (2016-2019). http://www.soiziclebrat.eu

Anouck Genthon is a French violinist improviser and ethnomusicologist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Using her instrument, the violin, in both traditional and extended techniques, her work delves deeply into her own improvised language through sound experience. She is particularly interested in the process of listening, focusing on the listening experience be it with an electro-acoustic set up or while acting out a « listening walk ». https://anouckgenthon.com/about/