22 February | 19:30

PAP Public Exchange: Digitization Triple I: ARTISTIC SPACE

Start time:19:30

Within the framework of the Digitization Triple of the Performing Arts Program Berlin (PAP), three artists or groups of artists had the opportunity to a question burning within their respective artistic soul on the topic of art and digital space together with an expert from the world of programming and science.

The selected artists all had very different questions. The theater collective zweitereihe sought to create a virtual character and fill it with life, as well as to work with its interactions. The group virtuellestheater worked to create a virtual space/interface which made it possible to collaborate on a project together with partners in different geographic locations around the world and make this work available for an audience not physically there in a format not using livestreaming, chatrooms or video recordings. The scenographer Oliver Proske attempted to develop a system in which a camera automatically follows a performer.

The results will now be presented within the framework of a public exchange.

digitization triple

A laboratory series on the topic of the independent performing arts in the digital age

Digitization is omnipresent. It has changed the conceptualization, production, distribution and reception of art and culture. It does so as a function of the unlimited possibilities that it offers, but also carries the risk of a profound lack of clarity. Added to this is a pronounced lack of exchange of knowledge and practice between the worlds of art, software development and science.

3 Worlds, 3 Teams, 3x3 Hours
The Digitization Triple is a laboratory format in which people from the worlds of art, programming and science come together and jointly discuss the field of topics encompassing the independent performing arts and digital space as well as elaborate specific suggestions and strategies.

Digitization Triple I: “Artistic Space” (2016)
Members of the independent performing arts community were invited to apply with a specific question that affects their own artistic practice. In terms of content, the Digitization Triple I focuses on “artistic space”: 

  • How does net culture affect the practice and production conditions of artistic work?
  • What realms of possibility does digitalization open for the artistic space of the independent performing arts beyond digital theater marketing and the complete collection by the creative industry?
  • How does the connection between the performing arts and digitalization produce truly fantastic forms of performance?