21 June | 20:30

Monsters For Breakfast / Liss & Farhadian & Parkins #466

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

  • Monsters For Breakfast feat. Mike McCormick and Larissa Jenne

  • skratchklang / Heike Liss & Thea Farhadian with featured artist Andrea Parkins




Monsters For Breakfast feat. Mike McCormick: compositions for 4 microphones, 2 vocalists and 1 laptop The Cologne-based vocal duo of “Monsters For Breakfast” goes electronic: Mascha Corman and Thea Soti will meet the Oslo-based, Canadian composer and laptop performer, Mike McCormick for 5 concerts throughout Germany. This time the 2 vocalists go beyond naked and above wild: they will work with 4 microphones and here and there allow their voices to be processed, transformed, torn apart, turned into noise, get pitched up and down, etc by the realtime live programming of McCormick.  Also featuring Larissa Jenne: Live Projection Impro w/ Magic Micro-Balls

skratchklang / Heike Liss & Thea Farhadian with featured artist Andrea Parkins: skratchklang is an audio-visual project by visual artist Heike Liss and musician/composer Thea Farhadian. In this improvisatory collaboration Liss creates live mixes of personal video footage and real time digital drawings in response to and in dialogue with Farhadian’s twisted echoes, jagged rhythms, and microtonal landscapes that she skillfully performs on her electronic violin. The duo will be joined by sound artist Andrea Parkins, performing on electronics and amplified objects.

two voices who celebrate the freedom of stepping outside the usual tonal-rhythmical framework, sonic gestures and compositions. two voices who are inspired by jazz through contemporary poetry and classical sound till noise. two voices who are interchangable and readily swap roles or transform themselves beyond recognition. two voices who are in love with the unknown. stories unfold and improvised melodies twist their way through a hand-made soundscape. so direct and so personal what only the human voice could possibly create.


MASCHA CORMAN singer, composer, born in düsseldorf, studied jazz singing at the academy of music in cologne with prof. anette von eichel and frank gratkowski as well as deaf pedagogy at the university of cologne. corman's compositions and concepts for her quintet "emcq" range between contemporary jazz, free improvisation and poetry. a strong interest lies within the exploration of voice as an instrumental and experimental soundscape. the debut album of the band was released by the renowned label "ajazz" in 2016. as a composer, singer and vocal artist, she has already participated in several international interdisciplinary projects and is the founder of the initiative STIMMUNGEN in loft.

THEA SOTI vocalist, composer and sound artist, born in subotica (serbia) to a hungarian family. she studied jazz vocals and composition in hanover, cologne and lucerne. her main focus is to research the human voice as a free-improvising instrument, often by reconstructing texts and languages. as a composer, she has cooperated with several bigbands and large ensembles. she is regarded as a courageous and uncompromising voice of the cologne music scene, combining experimental pop, contemporary music, avant-garde poetry and live electronics. she is a founding member of the european composers collective SUNG SOUND and the co-curator of the experimental concert series STIMMUNGEN in loft.  www.theasoti.com

Mike McCormick an Oslo-based artist, laptop performer and composer originally from Yellowknife, Canada. Though his primary expression is through music performance, Mike’s creative output draws from a variety of disciplines, including conceptual and performance art, electroacoustic music, twentieth-century literature, and various notated and improvised music traditions. https://mikemccormickmusic.com



Heike Liss works in a variety of media, including video, photography, drawing, sculpture, site specific installation and public intervention. Her biggest inspiration is everyday life—the world and the people around her. She studied Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Tübingen before attending Mills College, where she received a Master’s degree in Studio Art. Heike’s award-winning work has been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and at film and music festivals. She has collaborated with choreographers Sonsherée Giles and François Verret, musicians Ellen Fullman, GAW, Marcus Weiss, Sylwia Zytynska, Caroline Penwarden, Theresa Wong and Toychestra, multi-media artists Ellen Lake, Nomi Talisman, and Michael Trigilio, painter Soffia Saemundsdottir, chef/dancer Michal Ingber and poet Lyn Hejinian, to name a few. Since 2014 Heike is performing live visuals with her longtime collaborator and travelling companion Fred Frith, as well as other musical improvisers such as Ikue Mori, Lotte Anker, Okkyung Lee, Chris Cutler, Susana Silva Santos and Shelley Hirsch. She lives and works in Oakland and Basel and teaches Transdisciplinary Art at the Universidad Austral de Chile. https://heikeliss.com/

Thea Farhadian is a violinist, composer / improviser and works with electronics, acoustic improvisation, radio art, and video. Her solo work for violin and electronics combine a classical music background with extended technique and digital processing using the program Max/MSP. In addition to her solo work, she collaborates with musicians and artists across the disciplines. Her work has been seen internationally at venues which include the Issue Project Room, and Alternative Museum New York City, Galerie Mario Mazolli, Sowieso, and Quiet Cue in Berlin, the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Room Series, and Center for New Music in San Francisco, the Center for Experimental Art and the Aram Kachaturyan Museum in Yerevan, Armenia, International Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room Project at Bimhaus in Amsterdam. Her recordings have been released on Creative Sources Recordings, The Procrustrean Bed, and BlackCopper Editions. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Music from Mills College. http://www.theafarhadian.com

Andrea Parkins is a sound artist, composer, and electroacoustic performer engaging with interactive electronics as compositional/performative process. She is especially known for her pioneering approach on her electronically processed accordion and investigation of embodiment and chance with her self-designed virtual sound-processing instruments.  Parkins’ work includes multi-diffusion installations; electronic music compositions; electroacoustic solo and ensemble pieces; and sound for contemporary dance, experimental film and intermedia performance. She performs as a solo artist, and has collaborated across genre and discipline with artists including Magda Mayas, Tony Buck, The Necks, Ute Wasserman, George E. Lewis, choreographer Vera Mantero, and many more.  Parkins’ work has been presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Kitchen, Experimental Intermedia, Café Oto, Kunsthalle Basel, Musée d’Art