12 March | 19:30

MetaMatter #8

  • Start time: 19:30
  • Free entrance

We will have earth perform its states of matter. We will interact with earth, and we will discuss aspects of its representation and application in the visual arts. With us will be Kate Donovan, producer of the elements radio cast.

Also, please welcome Kat and Fabian as co-organizers of MetaMatter! You may know Kat from last weekend’s Spektrum exhibition Alien Organs, which included her coral empathy device. Fabian Hesse is an artist working mainly with 3d printing, examining natural conditions of the artificial through extensive 3d glitching.

MetaMatter is a laboratory of research and practice focused on transformations of matter. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we look at chemical, physical and biochemical processes with the aim to build knowledge and tools for creative projects. We investigate color, state, mass and temperature to find out the conditions of reaction. We also research aspects of unfolding the nature of materiality, set in motion by using electromagnetism, luminescence and vibrations.

In our community meetings we have talks and presentations on topic-related projects together with a more pragmatic level of collecting experiences to share with others. Beside, we could have a chance to hear from each other possible ideas for the makerlab at Spektrum.

Anyone with a passion for learning to understand the possibility of matter as an available medium for Art and Science is welcome to join.