13 December | 19:30

Light Movement 26: Dore O.

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

This screening is the first part of a series on German Experimental Film originating from the 1960's to the early 80's, curated by Masha Matzke

Dore O.’s films seem to claim a certain uniqueness and independence from the dominant, yet diverse and irreducible currents of German experimental cinema. As the critic Dietrich Kuhlbrodt declared already in 1988: »Dore O. has become classic, and suddenly it turns out that her work has passed the various currents of time unharmed: the time of the cooperative union, the women's film, the structuralists and grammarians, the teachers of new ways of seeing ... It's time to proclaim loudly that Dore O.’s work is unique in German avant-garde film, since 'Jüm-Jüm' [...] she retains her independence also within independent film.«

The program seeks to highlight these qualities, presenting her first film in collaboration with Werner Nekes, which already demonstrates both the artistic and artisanal dimension of her filmmaking and the insignificance of literal and symbolical meaning in favor of filmic qualities and perception, alongside her first solo-work ALASKA, a highly hypnotic and poetic work whose beauty, like all Dore O.’s films to come, »is located in the antechamber of language, even of consciousness.« (Dietrich Kuhlbrodt). The supple flow of images which seem chosen for either their depth or their surfaces, is further elaborated through a complex and sensual multilayering in her awarded and internationally acknowledged film KASKARA. Despite making a number of more narrative (feature length) films in the 80's and 90's, she kept returning to her interest in experimentation and in the counterplay of image and sound demonstrated by her later work THERMOMENT.

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P R O G R A M :

  • Alaska 1968, 16mm,18min, colour, sound Jüm Jüm (with Werner Nekes) 1967, 16mm, 10min, colour, sound
  • Kaskara 1974, 16mm, 21min, colour sound Thermoment 1998, 16mm, 7min, colour, sound