04 November | 20:00

Li Song / sono.collide #381

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 5-10 € (up to your offer)

Li Song - laptop improvisation
computer generated sound using SuperCollider/TidalCycles

sono.collide - Nomenclator
audio-visual Improvisation, electroacoustic, found objects

Li Song is an experimental musician and software developer based in Beijing. He's a regular participant in Beijing’s Zoomin’ Night and Miji concert performance series. In performance, he often use computer code to generate improvised sound, sometimes with accoustic instrument. In 2015, he and Zhu Wenbo start their duo project No Performance, in which they explore sound between accoustic and electronic, improvisation and composition. Their debut album Summer of Store released in 2016 by the Zoomin’ Night label. He's also the organizer of Soundleaks, a sound tech/art event in China. http://notimportant.org/ http://www.soundleaks.org/ https://zoominnight.bandcamp.com/album/summer-of-store

sono.collide is a duo for experimental music, audio-visual performance, live-electronics, improvisation Members: Anda Kryeziu, Justin Robinson. https://www.facebook.com/sono.collide