07 October | 20:00

Klangscheiben Modular Session 2 / AZA / d E #368

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 8-12 € (up to your offer)

Storlon, From Karaoke To Stardom, Fake Electronics, Demas - Klangscheiben Modular Sessions 2
The performance is fully improvised and played with modular synthesizer only and will be drone, ambient and experimental music. Second big difference to normal shows is the light installation from our guy Timur. He will setup the light cube so you can visually see, what the single artist is playing and adding to the carpet of sounds. An earlier video of the first event can be found on our label page at Facebook. We will give you the joy of music and light the second time at Spektrum and we cannot wait to see you in this beautiful location.

AZA - /ɪkˈspanʃ(ə)n/ 
Aiming to highlight the subtly explored frequencies along the edges of the human hearing spectrum, the goal is to initiate a sensation which is based on the frequencies we are unable or unused to hearing. The basic tool of this experiment is the creation of a sonic illusion in the intermediate space between the sound source and the audience. Through this process the listener is prompted to question the perception phenomenon in an artistic and inspirational way - the spacial relationship between the listener and the sound source, the origin of the sonic stimulation, and the subjective nature of an auditory experience. An overall quest on the implementation of sound forms in the exploration of inter-subjectivity of perceptive imagery."

d E - Cognition 
d E presents an aural trip to the primary cognitive stages of a human from its birth to a formal operational state. Sounds live generated from a hybrid analog/digital modular synthesizer are combined with field recordings to create a range from minimalistic electroacoustic noises to big soundscapes in a composition that be defined as a mix of atonal, drone and noise.


Followed by DJ set at the bar by Celestial Herring, a Berlin based DJ, spinning tunes from post to wave. She has an extensive track record and she is a frequent performer at the scenes of Athens and Berlin.

Klangscheiben Modular Sessions was founded by Thomas Bäz in 2017. The goal is to bring artists from all over the world together and improvise with modular synthesizers, accompanied with a light installation. Between drone, down beat and polyrhythmic sound, the audience will experience a wonderful trip into the charm of modular synthesizers. The artists will create a state of mind which lets you switch off your daily routine and give you contentedness. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Klangscheiben-129362123744321

AZA is the performing and recording name of the Greek experimental, sound artist Konstantin Lamprou. Working more as a collector of sonic instances rather than as a musician, AZA filters the everyday life to discover the essence of our auditory experience. His syntheses intermit an assemblage of ordinary sounds in a variety of “raw” states with frequencies at the edges of human hearing, field recordings and melodic instrumental interferences. Aza’s abstractive repercussion entails the construction of a complex soundscape that draws the audience in to a pure auditory vacuum, characterized by a pervasive undercurrent psychosomatic experience. www.AZA.gr

d E is the solo project of Andreas Kavvadias. Starting in 2012, d E is about the process of combining analog / digital sound generators and field recordings to create soundscapes, drones and noises as these are perceived synaesthetically. Inspired by techniques such as automatic writing, all the tracks are live mixed and recorded as one-shot meditations, aiming to capture the feeling and the entropy of the moment intact. In a broad way, they can be described as minimalist and semi-musical.