06 October | 20:00

Jewel of the Ear - Gilles Aubry & Robert Millis #46

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Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00

Jewel of the Ear
Sound performance and presentation on early Indian records and funeral rituals by Gilles Aubry & Robert Millis

The evening will end with the screening of Ghosts of Isan, a movie produced by Millis for Sublime Frequencies.

Jewel of the Ear is a new collaborative sound project that combines Indian 78rpm shellac records, gramophones, field recordings, feedback and electronics. The starting point was simply improvising with two seemingly disparate sounds: field recordings of crackling funeral cremations in Varanasi, India and the equally crackling sound of early shellac records. From there the project has come to explore through sound and music the links between archival practices, colonialism, recording technology and funeral practices in early 20th century India and beyond. 

PHI TA KHON: GHOSTS OF ISAN (Sublime Frequencies): a film by Robert Millis. Described as ‘The Mardi Gras from Hell’ and ‘Thai Halloween" PHI TA KHON is a Buddhist merit making ghost festival that takes place every year in the Isan province of Northern Thailand. Thai country groove and molam music (acoustic and electric, on temple floors and in the back of pick up trucks), magnificent masks and costumes, and phallic icons of all sizes, Phi Ta Khon is a mind-blowing and obscure tradition captured here in a DIY collage "you are there" verte style, unique to the Sublime Frequencies approach. Released on DVD by Sublime Frequencies in 2006, this is now long out of print and has never been shown in Berlin before. With the director in attendance for Q and A, or to hurl insults at. 
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0VyM6B_v4o



Robert Millis from Seattle is a founding member of Climax Golden Twins, a solo artist and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies label. His work generally focuses on traditional music from around the world as well as music from the early days of recording. He has scored films--including the cult horror film Session Nine--created sound installations and produced and designed audio projects--including Victrola Favorites on Dust-to-Digital. 

Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist living in Berlin since 2002. His artistic practice is based on an auditory approach of the real informed by researches on cultural, material and historical aspects of sound productions. Combining ethnography, critical discourse and sound experiments, Aubry creates installations, performances and movies without pictures.