06 July | 20:00

ICHI GO, AXL OTL, YUKIHIRO IKUTANI & Sebastian Schunke #171

Doors: 19:00 / Start time: 20:0
Entrance 5-10 euro (up to your offer)
Please come on time, because this evening we will start early!

"ikutani SAN(参)” presented by ELEKTRO KAGURA(電気神楽)

My dance is inspired from Japanese Genesis. Once a Goddess of the Sun hid into a Cave,the world sank into Darkness. Other all Gods had a hard time. But once, one Goddes,a dancer started an eccentric dance in front of that cave.overturned a tub, stepped on it and beat it intensively. The serious faces soon gave way to loud laughters. Drove by her wondering, the Goddess of the Sun took a look outside. One of the Gods told her, “The most greatest God came out now.”turning a Mirror to reflect her... Her dance changed the world with her vibrant celebration. This dance is called “Kagura”. This dance invites spirits of Gods or Energy itself. This dance is purely contemporary dance.

Ichi Go (1983, Japan) started Modern Dance in California in 1986, followed by Modern Dance in Kamakura, Japan in 1989. A selection of her work:

2013.Oct Finalist (as a solo)of Creative Dance Battle in the Lake studios Berlin 
2013.Oct Semi Finalist (as a group) of dance battle in Hamburg 
2013.21.Nov Finalist (as a solo) of "Crossover Dance Battle" in Club Oval (wildes Palais) 
2013.22.Nov Public performance "Mettamorph"in Kraftwerk Berlin 
2013.23.Nov Finalist (as a solo) of Fankin' stylez Berlin at HAU2 
2013.Dec Street performances in Alexanderplatz, Warschauerstrasse 
2014.16 Jan Shooting for "ruhm4u"of Berliner Kiezgeflueser
2014 24 24th May Performance "惡女-Die Suenderin-" in Kontakt at Arena Glashaus Berlin
2014 24 25 27th June Performance "Cabdance"in HAU1
2014.Sep ”Die T-House Tour#1" /NOVOFLOT/Radialsystem V 
2014.Sep "Mi-Lai ミライ(Future)”/TEN PEN CHii Art Labor/Dock 11 GmgH
2015.Jan ”Die T-House Tour#4"/NOVOFLOT/Akademie Der Künste am Pariser Platz
2015.Jun. Dance Performance in Festival “Altstadtfest Beeskow“ / Quartett with Emily Tanaka, Kei Minomura, Jun Takahash, 4 Solos
2015.Jun. A Site-Specific dance by Judith Sánchez Ruíz in collaboration with ACUD MACHT NEU."Micro Revolution"/Kunsthaus ACUD
2015.Sep ”ASO-Bi(Spiel)”/TEN PEN CHii Art Labor/DOCK11 GmbH (Kastanienallee79,10435 Berlin)
2015. Nov Winner of the “OUTBOX ME Fusion Dancebattle 4 “/"studiobühne - alte feuerwache"(Marchlewskistraße 6, 10243 Berlin)