07 October | 20:00

Hior Chronik / Holographic Field / Frances Heery & Ernst Surberg #496

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

Hior Chronik / Holographic Field - Merge
Hior Chronik will present a rework edition of the album "Out of the dust" released on 7K! Label.

Holographic Field will present an ambient set based on his previous releases based on improvising.

Francis Heery + Ernst Surberg - Lebensraum
Francis Heery (laptop , percussion + amplified objects) and Ernst Surberg (Synthesiser) explore the intersection of bioacoustics and improvisation. Using insect and bird recordings provided by the Tierstimmenarchiv at the Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin, the duo will build and inhabit the sonic spaces created by humans and animals. 

Hior Chronik was born in Athens in 1974. His relationship with sound began with him working as a radio producer on Jazz FM as well as editor in several sound magazines. Dealing with the production started seven years ago and attention has turned to minimalist ambient piano patterns. His compositions have dressed several films, documentaries and art performances and to his debut album with the title "I'm a tree" was released in 2010 by Enregistrements Variables, with partnerships constitute a core inspiration for him and motivation sound production. The second solo album entitled "Unspoken words" released in November 2011 by the Mu -Nest. Hior has another side project under the name Pill-Oh and they released the album" Vanishing Mirror ", in Kitchen Label in 2012. Two years after his solo work for Kitchen.Label called "Vanishing Mirror" includes many collaborations with Sophie Hutchings, Field Rotation, Halo etc. After that he made two collaboration album with Mikael Delta for Sun Sea Sky productions called " The First Ray" and Arovane for ASIP titled "In Between". The year 2017 was the most productive one for Hior Chronik. Another one release with Arovane called "Into my wont" released last May and his personal solo work for 7K! Label "Out of the dust" last December. He plays the piano for Christian Loffler’s Ensemble and his new album its gonna be released from Ki Records under the name “Hior” called Descent. http://7k.k7.com/hior-chronik/


Holographic Field is the soloproject of the Pianist and Producer Jonas Meyer, based in Berlin. He is also involved in the post rock band Frames and in the ambient project Unland. In his debut „Window Gazer“, he combines his different musical backgrounds and inspirations. A mesh up between epic ambiences, clubby electronica, neo-classical and postrock elements. Dreamy landscapes meet their gloomy complement, always between dark and bright, near and far searching their balance. https://holographicfield.bandcamp.com/

Francis Heery (b. 1980) is an Irish composer, researcher and sound artist. He holds a PhD in Composition from University College Cork, where he studied with John Godfrey and Jesse Ronneau. His research interests include the music of Morton Feldman and Horatiu Radulescu, spectral and post-spectral composition, alchemy, and bioacoustics. His works have been performed by: the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, the JACK Quartet, Carin Levine, Pascal Gallois, the Talujon Percussion Ensemble, the Quiet Music Ensemble, and the Crash Ensemble. His electronic music is released on Lamour Records, farpoint Recordings and Fort Evil Fruit.

Ernst Surberg, born 1966 in Münster, is founding member of ensemble mosaik. Receiving a scholarship by the Käthe-Dorsch-Foundation, he studied piano with Rolf Koenen and Alan Marks at the University of Arts and the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler in Berlin. After his studies, a master course for contemporary piano music with Jeffrey Burns, triggered Surberg’s intense examination of contemporary music. In addition to his engagement with ensemble mosaik – he shares the responsibility of managing the ensemble with flutist Bettina Junge – Surberg works on the cross-genre band project noch#2, that invites guest musicians like Marian Gold, Jaki Liebezeit, Manuel Liebeskind, Jan Werner and Andi Thoma. In this context, Surberg started composing and premiered several works of his own. Most recently he wrote the music for three theatre pieces at the Schauspiel Köln: “Der letzte Riesenalk” and “wozuwozuwozu” with Anna Viebrock, as well as “Warten auf Godot” (Director: Thomas Dannemann). Surberg performed several premieres as soloist as well as with ensemble and orchestra – amongst others works by Stefan Streich, Michael Beil, Enno Poppe, Klaus Lang, Agostino DiScipio, Andrew Hamilton and Sergej Newski. With ensemble mosaik, he gave guest performances at a wide range of the most important international festivals for contemporary music and contributed to various broadcasting recordings and CD productions. From 2007 until 2011 Ernst Surberg was board member of the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin, an association for the self-administration and support of the independent contemporary music scene in the German capital.