09 January | 20:00

Henrik von Coler, Yoann Trellu & Matthias Erian #88

Doors: 19:30
Start time: 20:00

Henrik von Coler -  Movements 3-5 of the "Threshold Suite" / "Von schlechter Erziehung und boshaften Kindern"
Both parts will be performed using tape with additional live electronics and diffusion.

Yoann Trellu and Matthias Erian - ICI
Audiovisual performance

Movements 3-5 of the "Threshold Suite" [2013]: 
 3: Scratched Layers 
 4: My Cop Just Called Me 
 5: WhatYouHearIsWhatYouDeserve 

"Von schlechter Erziehung und boshaften Kindern" [2012]

Henrik von Coler is a composer of electroacoustic music, audio engineer and researcher in the field of audio technology. His compositions are based on prerecorded and arranged studio-improvisations, using analog and digital synthesizers, various sound processors and concrète elements. In performances he focuses on the acousmatic experience alone, fitting the music into the space by means of live spatialization and processing. He currently works at the Elektronisches Studio at TU Berlin.


ICI is a collaboration started in 2015 between Yoann Trellu and Matthias Erian. The first iteration of this project was a 2 channel video and surround audio installation in Hilbert Raum (Berlin). ICI is based on slitscan photography and granular synthesis. Both technics uses micro elements to create bigger land/soundscapes. The imagery is based on video recordings of butoh dancers Mayumi Fukuzaki, Michiyasu Furutani and Yoshihiro Shimomura. 

Yoann Trellu is a French, Berlin based video artist working regularly with dance and theater companies (Post-Theater, Ten Pen Chii, Jess Curtis / Gravity, Konzert-theater Bern). His personal projects are based on the transformation/abstraction of an image as well as using the computer as a creative partner, using random and algorithmic processes.

Matthias Erian is an Austrian freelance artist living and working in Berlin.He works as electroacoustic composer, live-performer, sound-engineer, o-tone work, sound design for movie, dance/theater productions and media installation.