04 May | 20:30

Give me hell #143

Doors: 19:30
Start time: 20:30

a service provided by Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea 

In a new multinational cultural self-reinvention project set in the future — May 4th 2016 — nine artists have been rounded up to be retrained from to their positions as Swedish massage practitioners — a prior attempt to propel artists into more serviceable civil activities — to stand-up comedians. This will be their first public appearance. In this scenario, art is being no longer administered by middlemen, but governed directly by the top political figurehead. Each 5-minute stand up will be monitored and its quality will be assessed by the current chief of state. This is still unknown to the performers. In fact, what is also unknown to them is that the assignment serves an additional purpose — the performance is in fact a recasting for their next retraining position, in a place not unknown to women. 

with support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Stand ups:

  • Una Árnadottir
  • Lily Benson
  • Kah Bee Chow
  • Jeuno JE Kim
  • Carolina Nylund
  • Amy Patton
  • JackY Splash
  • Sara Wolfert
  • Nathalie Wuerth

  • and: Angela Merkel II

  • stages by: Lufi Färs