28 April | 20:00

Giovanni Lami, Takuji Naka & Tim Olive #140

Doors: 19:30
Start time: 20:00

Sound art performance night with:

  • Giovanni Lami - BIAS
    Some magnetic tapes were buried for months in different environmental conditions to degrade, in a totally unpredictable and irreversible way, the ferromagnetic material and the plastic support itself. Those tapes will be used on a couple of Nagra reel to reel recorders, everything will be recorded on them: collected sounds, statics from the area, and sounds from the recorders themselves taken by four microphones, reaching a liminal area where each acoustic event affects and is related to all the others, in a relentless change. The magnetic tape is a substrate for rough, dirty and indefinite sound surfaces that evolve while time is passing, I just need to create the conditions to let it happen and to accelerate this process. The work will be released by Consumer Waste, April '16.

  • Duo performance by Takuji Naka & Tim Olive
    Kyoto-based Takuji Naka (cassette tapes, spring reverb) and Kobe-residing Canadian Tim Olive (magnetic pickups) have been collaborating as a duo in Japan for several years.



Giovanni Lami is a sound artist who works within soundscape and sound-ecology boundaries since 2009/10.
 Graduated in Food Science and Technologies and in Photography, formerly photographer, he had exhibitions across Europe and abroad. Today, using a different media, he works with samples, crops and real time signals processing (analog or digital). His research is related to the study of resonant surfaces in the field and the limit/interferences of each device used to record or reproduce a sound. It's a practice related to “explode and explore” an instrument, a substrate, a device or a mix of them. 

Takuji Naka uses low-tech electronics, cassette tapes, spring reverb and self-made reed instruments to create a mysterious, evocative soundworld with influences from musique concrete, noise, and lo-fi pop. Regular collaborators include Jason Kahn, Carl Stone, Tim Olive, Takahiro Yamamoto, Anthony Guerra and filmmaker Haruka Mitani. Living in Kyoto, where he also works as a traditional temple gardener, he regularly organizes performances and is also a member of Culpis.

Tim Olive's work, utilizing magnetic pickups and analog electronics, is predicated on collaboration. Extensive live action in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia has provided opportunities to play with a wide range of artists in event-specific one-off contexts, as well as ongoing performing/recording collaborations with Anne-F Jacques, Takuji Naka, Ben Owen, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Jason Kahn, Makoto Oshiro, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Nick Hoffman and Francisco Meirino. Recent collaborators include Richard Kamerman, Nate Wooley, Jin Sangtae and Madoka Kouno.