20 December | 15:00 - 22 December | 22:00
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Geek market

GEEK MARKET /// 20-21-22 December (15:00-22:00)

MACUMBISTA DerekHolzer /// MONOSHOP KasiaJustka SimonSchäfer /// GijsGieskes /// micro_research /// AlessandroGuerri /// AA..LL /// MarcelSchwittlick /// RachelUwa /// GiladBenNachum /// MANGTRONIX MichaelAng /// Philipp Artus /// VictoriaPawlik /// FelixKlee

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The increasing of technology-based manufacture is inspiring nowadays an enormous social, creative and economical phenomenon of emerging practices focused on the idea of MAKING and MAKING BY SHARING. In 2015 SPEKTRUM is challenging, for the first time, a new performative happening in the form of a three days market - a GEEK MARKET - where we aim to collect and connect crowds of Berlin-based makers willing to show, promote and sell their technologically processed products such as 3Dprinted design, sound-video DYE kits, laser cutted producs, Arduino and-or other computer interfaces products. 

/// MACUMBISTA.NET by Derek Holzer: showcases the handmade electronic sound instruments. From the chaotic "bent by design" Benjolin synthesizers to the feedback-driven SoundBoxes, each of his creations offers tactile and intuitive paths to an unconventional and idiosyncratic sound.

/// MONOSHOP by Kasia Justka & Simon Schäfer: SINGING KITCHEN: bigos with high voltage sausage
voltage, loops, prepared knifes, microphones, steam and cutting boards. // noisy frying with boiling melodies and cutting beats Feeding concert // sounds of cooking

/// Gijs Gieskes EURORACK KITS are vu meter drum modules. Standalone ones are a black and white video synth, and maybe some other stuff. 

  • WORKSHOP: building eurorack. Please contact to schedule:

/// micro_research presents: The DARK INTERPRETER: From the diviner of The Black Death, The Dark Interpreter (Towers Open Fire edition/Cristy 2015) is the ultimate plague-driven, finger sensitive, stand-alone noise processor, granular synthesiser and sound generator, merging digital and analogue processing. http://www.1010.co.uk/org/darkint.html
ERD/y: Extending the explorations of material process and ever viral code initiated by the micro_research ERD series, ERD/γ digs the Eurorack synth deep into geological time scales of radioactive decay. The module provides a radioactive source (Uraninite aka. Pitchblende), geiger counter and processing to deliver random voltages and timing/triggers.
DETEKTOR: The detektor renders audible both low frequency emissions (using on-board coil (top left) and amplifier) and higher, broadband signals (for example, mobile phone signals, wireless networks, bluetooth) from around 100 MHz to 3 GHz using a logarithmic detection chip and on-board antenna. http://www.1010.co.uk/org/detektor.html

/// AGUMENTA by Alessandro Guerri: an interactive musical software for rhythmical and percussive environments developed as a performative tool. 

  • WORKSHOP: Projectual Strategies for an Interactive Software-Structuring Relations between Algorithm and Musician by contacting:

/// DIY SYNTHS by AA..LL: gated oscillators 

  • WORKSHOP available by contacting

/// GENERATIVE NECKLACES by Marcel Schwittlick: been engraved and cut with a modified chinese lasercutter, patters are created using human mouse movements and reflect various activities using different softwares and interfaces of websites. The necklaces are engraved on different types of acrylic glass in a range of different sizes.

/// CUSTOMED LIPS by Rachel Uwa: people can cast their lipsready in a few hours into a box so they can give their lips as a gift.

/// WWW.SENTI-METAL.COM by Gilad Ben Nachumled: halogen table lamps out of old and used bike frames. In contrast to other bike lamps I use only the frames. This comes out of the notion that the frame and not the other pieces is a clear connection the the "soul" of the bike ans so to the concept of cycling. 

/// WWW.MANGTRONIX.COM by Michael Ang: offers the latest in laser cut and 3D printed items for the home. Our geometric designs for lights and decorations are the perfect physical complement to your digital lifestyle.

/// FLORA by Philipp Artus: is an interactive animation been controlled by the viewer who will have the chance to print his own FLORA image by projecting laser light on a UV-sensitive paper. 

/// KNITTED & FABRIC COWLS by Victoria Pawlik: knitted wall hangings with motifs/service: make on demand 

/// 3D BUTTERFLY and other goodies by Erik Boertjes and Felix Klee. Each butterfly is a one of a kind specimen, mounted in a frame. All our 3D prints are generated live.