15 December | 20:00

Fo[u]r Alto / Paul Pignon #398

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Fo[u]r Alto
Microtonal music for four alto saxophones surrounding the audience
Fo[u]r Alto will perform a new composition by frank gratkowski Christian Weidner, Florian Bergmann, Leonhard Huhn, Frank Gratkowski - alto saxophone

Paul Pignon - iFib
The piece consists of eight segments whose durations decrease in proportion to a retrograde Fibonacci series. In each segment a different instrument is played. 

Performers: Paul Pignon (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, basset horn, didgeridoo, recorders, voice)
Hui Chun-lin (cello) https://huichunlin.weebly.com/
Graziella Tomasi (visual context) http://graziellatomasi.de

Fo[u]r Alto is the quadruplication of the Alto Saxophone into a unified body of sound. Since the formation of the ensemble in 2008 the four saxophonists have developed a unique sound speech. Collective improvisations are combined with compositions of Gratkowski, who employs different compositional techniques. Some of these are based on principles found in electronic music but are applied here in a strictly acoustic way. Other techniques include harmonies and melodies which are generated from analysis of Tam-Tams and speech patterns and then transformed. The compositions also make use of intervallistic concepts, various extended techniques on the saxophone and dense, shimmering sheets of sound, which are created by layers of multiphonics specific to the Alto Saxophone.
Fo[u]r Alto played numerous concerts in Germany, Austria, Greece and the Netherlands. In Autumn 2012 the english Label LeoRec released their first CD "4 Compositions by Frank Gratkowski". A new CD is in progress and will be released in 2018 
www.gratkowski.com - www.fouralto.com

Paul Pignon was born and grew up in the UK. Began playing jazz at 15. Studied physics at Oxford. While there made first forays into non­idiomatic improvisation (1961). Abandoned Ph.D research at Oxford in favour of music. Moved to Yugoslavia. Cofounder of the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. .In 1986 moved to Sweden, composing and developing computer music software at EMS. Member of FST and Fylkingen. Producer at Fylkingen. Active as composer of electronic and instrumental works, and real­time composer on single reeds, didgeridoo, recorders, voice, laptop; currently with SQ, BONON, 2+ (with Liisa Pentti), Free Speech, The Great Learning Orchestra, and other ensembles in Sweden and abroad.Chairperson of SEAMS. 2nd vice­chairperson of Fylkingen. Initiator of The Pignon Agenda.
Has at different times made a living as a translator and software engineer