27 November | 18:00 - 29 November | 22:00
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Exhibition #3: Sensient Geometries


  • Patrick Bedarf architectural design + FELD studio for digital crafts: LOADS
  • Wolfgang Bittner: THE SACCADES PORTRAITS
  • Michael Ang - CHRYSALIS (Memories of the world from before you had eyes)
  • School of MA - final presentation


Weekend program

Friday 27 Nov - 18:00 first day OPENING of the exhibition with Patrick Bedarf + FELD, Michael Ang, Wolfgang Bittner 

Saturday 28 Nov - 18:00 second day OPENING exhibition of School of Machines (including installations and works developed during the Facts & Fictions in the Age of Data Visualisation course) 

Sunday 29 Nov: from 12.00 Hackathon Playing with Data + 
18:30 Meeting-talk with the exhibiting artists.
Exhibition closes on Sunday at 22:00.


Exhibition curated by Alfredo Ciannameo 

The state of relation is the core aspect of this third exhibition at Spektrum. By being set on sensing the environment, digital technologies open the possibility to explore events related to motion, perception and space interaction. The stream of data-entry is the available material for artists to interpret in the form of graphical, luminous, architectural, kinetic and/or visual representation. What is the effect of collecting data by machines? How this can be used to reshape and magnify our experience of reality? These open questions are applied to multiple domains, revealing common coordinates for a fundamental geometry in the fields of interaction design and data visualization.





The Saccades Portraits result from an ongoing research which is inspired by the workings of visual perception, photographic time and the relation between the observer and his subject. By employing custom build software and hardware, the photographer’s eye movements are tracked and processed. Mapping the points of gaze with the scene looked at, image fragments are extracted and reassembled in the resulting image. As a consequence, the act of looking itself becomes an image-creating action. A mental map of the person’s visual impressions is created. The final image is both a portrait of the model looked at as much as of the photographer, whose patterns of perception are in-written in the image.

Wolfgang Bittner [ AT ] is a visual artist working in the field video, photography and installation. Originally starting from a painting background, he became more and more interested in the possibilities of software- and time based art. Besides the production of photographic prints, installations and short films, he has been realizing video projections for theatre and audiovisual live performances.




Patrick Bedarf architectural design + FELD studio for digital crafts:

LOADS ''An immersive force field balancing among equilibrium and singularity creates a dialogue between the relationships of observer, embodiment and space. As an interactive spatial installation, LOADS is settled at the verge of architectural and interaction design and comments on our ways of reading and representing phenomena of physical presence''.

FELD combines computational design, electronics, physical computing, animation and a confident graphic design attitude in a novel and elegant way. The studio balances the strengths of computers and of people: Leveraging the relentless, precise and high-speed computational processes of custom machines to create their work, while the designers always remain in control. Keeping in mind that the most important aspect is using technology to tell stories, rather than to tell stories about technology.



PATRICK BEDARF is an architectural designer with a background in digital design tools, fabrication and informed material assemblies. He is fascinated by processes and phenomena at the intersection of natural and artificial systems and shares studio Feld's approach on combining code and prototyping through the processes of digital crafts.



Michael Ang: CHRYSALIS (Memories of the world from before you had eyes) presents three digital organisms in the process of metamorphosis into physical embodiment. Each active sculpture has limited abilities to sense its environment, form memories, and communicate. Existing at a tension point of technological transformation, the Chrysalis can serve as a beacon or harbinger of change.

Michael Ang is a Berlin-based artist / engineer working at the intersection of art, engineering and human experience. His works use technology to enhance our understanding of natural phenomena, modulate social interaction, and bridge the divide between the virtual and physical. He creates light objects, interactive installations, and open source software tools that build towards a future of humane technology focused on people and the environment.



School of Machines: Data Visualization - final presentation course 

The latest School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe program titled Facts & Fictions in the Age of Data Visualisation explores various aspects of data from the personal to the more political. Students projects enquire into silence, personal history, memories, experiences and knife crime as data, both visually and through sonification, as an attempt to understand the world and ourselves in new ways.