21 May | 21:00

Eliad Wagner, Derck Littel & Robin Koek #154

photo: Phil Dera

Doors: 19:30 // Start time: 21:00
Entrance 5-10 euro (up to your offer)

Solo performance by Eliad Wagner
Eliad Wagner uses a modular synthesizer in his performance to explore the aesthetics of manual interference in automatic sound.

Sound art performance by Derck Littel & Robin Koek
Robin Koek and Derck Littel have been collaborating for numerous years in an improvised context, bringing ephemeral, site-specific experiences with a high acoustic sensitivity. Playing in the national musea of the Netherlands to the countryside of France, their sound evolves as the surrounding feeds in to it. As Littel originates from the classical school and Koek was trained in electronics, they meet in the acousmatic realm where traditions develop in a contemporary and unheard collaboration.

Eliad Wagner (b. 1979, Israel) is a composer, performer, sound artist and lecturer. Holding academic degrees in physics and music, his activities explore the meeting point of composition and improvisation while addressing thoughts on synthesis, technology, autonomous processes, alternative scoring and live performance. By working with process and interference, Wagner examines the human natural relation with technology and specifically, the way it manifests in sound. In 2012 Wagner relocated to Berlin, where he currently lives and works. Wagner’s work has been published by Metropolis [US], Digital Kranky [DE], c.sides [DE/IL], Must Die [UK], Wachsender Prozess [DE] and concrete plastic [UK]. Among others, his work has been presented at STEIM, UDK, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Rotterdam International Film Festival and TU Berlin.

Derck Littel [1960] graduated at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and participated in many ensembles and orchestra's. He forms a duo with Robin Koek, live performing improvised electro-acoustics, sometimes in combination with dance or theatre. In that capacity he performed in Stedelijk Museum, Trouw/de Verdieping, Theater Frascati, Paleis van Mieris, het Holland Festival, de Wereld Draait Door, ACTA, het Rijksmuseum, Studio Loos and at the Gaudeamus Festival. In 2015 he obtained a Bachelor of Art and Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In September 2016 he will continue his studies at the Royal College of Art in London for a Master of Art in sound-design.

Robin Koek [1987] is active as a composer and designer of artistic systems. His works explore states wherein acoustic, digital and analog signals intertwine and merge in to one body of sound. The origins of his compositions follow a line of research into acoustic ontology, urban transcription and spatial potential of sound. His tape, live and installation works immerse the audience and construct new realities, manifesting through multi-channel projection, binaural experiences and wavefield synthesis. His current focus is on an ongoing serie of sound structures and systems based on city soundscape phonology, electronic processing and scores for instrumental improvisation. These pieces have been performed in amongst other places; Toronto, Viseu, New York, Ohio, Berlin and Amsterdam. He is an active member of the Soundlings collective, a gathering of international sound professionals. Koek earned a Bachelor with Honours and a Master of Arts specialised in Sound Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2011.