20 May | 20:30

Christian Duka / Mario Verandi #455

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 7-12 € (up to your offer)

Christian Duka - HOLISTIC 3.0
 HOLISTIC is a collaboration between sound artist Christian Duka and Visual Artist Marco Maldarella. Through the intuitive combination of A/V art in live improvisation, each instance of HOLISTIC explores concepts relevant to our present era in relation to the human condition.
Holistic 3.0 - Noise Culture will be an immersive audio/visual experience made to portrait the delirious plethora of views, thoughts, opinions, aesthetics and perspectives of the modern, interconnected digital age - in all of their diversities and contrasts. Its aim is to give voice to the noise generated by each and every individuated humanoid aliens inhabiting planet Earth in 2018. 

Mario Verandi - Yguasu
A live electroacoustic performance with sounds of the Iguazú waterfalls and the subtropical jungle that surrounds them. Field recordings and electronic sounds merge to create a sound journey that moves between the real and the surreal. Visuals by Marco Maldarella.


DVKA (alias of Christian Duka) is a sound designer and music artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of digital technology. As a performing artist, he focuses on the use of experimental sound design and improvisation to portrait the complexity of the human experience. His sound is a synthesis of a plethora of influences. Throughout his ongoing development as an artist, DVKA has collaborated with a number of different artists, ranging from musical artists (Marco Maldarella - MARMO, Francesco Redente - Livescaping), to visual art designers (Marco Maldarella - HOLISTIC) and sculpture artists (Elissavet Sfyri). Website: https://christianduka.com // Bandcamp: https://dvka.bandcamp.com/

Mario Verandi is a Berlin-based Argentinean composer, performer and sound artist. His artistic output is quite wide-ranging and ecletic and includes electroacoustic performances, sound installations, radio works as well as collaborations with different artists. A distinct characteristic of his work is the exploration of the poetic and evocative potential of natural and human-produced sounds and their transformation through electronic means. His works have been performed in festivals such as Multiphonies GRM(Paris), Donaueschinger Musiktage, Kontakte Berlin, MaerzMusik, Festival Futura (France) and Stockholm Electronic Music Festival. He studied music in Argentina and in Barcelona. He later completed a Master and a Doctorate in Electroacoustic composition at the University of Birmingham (UK). www.marioverandi.de



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