02 July | 20:00

Breaking up and down. Session 1 #323

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
Entrance 3-5 euro (up to your offer)

"Breaking up and down. Session 1" is a discussion by and for (queer) activists and artists and whoever ever had or broke a heart. We are aiming at politicizing individual suffering and developing an a(n)esthetics of breaking up (and down, consequentially).

The event will start out as a panel discussion on the political economy of breaking up based on artworks. Later, we will move the discussion into smaller groups. Everybody is encouraged to share art and experiences, taking aim at general questions like: "What interest does global capitalism have in an economy of dysfunctional love relationships?" "Why do we live the same story again and again?" and "Better to break up or die trying?" The event is based on an idea for an exhibition, focusing on the economic relevance of emotional proximity. It will thus end with a call for further action and development.