12 August | 20:30

Brad Nath / Robin Meeker-Cummings & Theo Woodward #483

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Brad Nath - Amplified Bricks
Bricks cast with embedded microphones and loudspeakers allow the ubiquitous building module to function as a sound object. The performance will feature a selection of bricks from a system that is being developed to construct full-scale sonically active architectural environments. Made from a range of materials—concrete, plaster, wax, silicone, dirt—each brick expresses its unique sonic signature when activated by a performer or stacked upon another, resulting in physical feedback.

Robin Meeker Cummings & Theo Woodward - Oinoherbet 
Oinoherbet is a duo of Theo Woodward and Robin Meeker-Cummings (aka Whoopsydaisy). 





Brad Nath, somewhere between an architectural designer and sound artist, is working to develop techniques of space-making which are sensitive to the vibrations that occur at audible frequencies. From the scale of the brick to the scale of the building, his work takes the form of material research, installation, performance, sound art and built environments. This practice, which he refers to as “Acoustectonics”, emerges from an interest to create sound structures that mediate their state of being into sonic experiences. Differing from Acoustics, which focuses primarily on the optimization of space often in the interest of perceived silence, Acoustectonics posits the sonic expression of a structure to be fundamental to its architectural concept and works to expand upon the incidental sounds produced in the performance of everyday life. As materials, dimensions, and connections are recomposed in relation to the performing forces produced by the users, the climate, and the structure itself, the architect can be understood as a composer of not just space, but also of sound. In the search for unheard forms of inhabitation, the sonically active space seeks to evoke a sensitivity in the listener to the ontological capacities of the built environment. Brad has performed with his series of amplified bricks in America, Europe and Canada and is currently working with the system for the design of a sonically sensitive home located in Central New York. https://www.bradnath.com/


Theo Woodward uses Ableton Live and Max/MSP to create rich, ambient and electronic textures. He has studied North Indian classical singing for many years with Noe Dinnerstein, a student of Pandit Pran Nath, and incorporates this singing style into these compositions.

Robin Meeker-Cummings is an experimental electronic artist, improviser, and composer who utilizes Pure Data, Ableton Live, and digital modular synthesis techniques to create radical sonic expressions. He has been performing for many years in the Philadelphia scene under the name Whoopsydaisy. His music combines found sounds, field recordings, live processing, old children's toys with contact mics, and homemade instruments. Robin is currently studying composition at the New England Conservatory in Boston while Theo is studying music technology at NYU.