13 May | 20:00

Binaura / Andreja Andric #452

photo credit: Pernille Thorup
photo credit: http://tomjeppesen.dk/
  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Binaura - Bricolage
Within this lecture performance, different areas & concepts will be covered that I am investigating in my artistic and educational practice. Software based interpretations are completed with textual descriptions and verbal connotations, raising questions, critical thinking and philosophical aspects of our data driven society. The central role of our journey is focusing on "algorithms" and "system thinking", involving ancient algorithmic concepts, chance operations, computational design, visualizations using cutting edge machine learning techniques made with free and open source tools. Andreja

Andric - Pocket Electronic Symphony
Smartphone solo recital featuring Pocket Electronic Symphony #1 and other works for smartphone. Pocket Electronic Symphony is a smartphone symphony for a solo performer. The symphony is written as sound generating software which acts both as the score and the musical instrument. Using this software on the mobile phone, the performer changes the parameters of the sound generation process, navigates the successions of massive chords of synthesized sound and builds towering climaxes and suspenseful calm sections. The work tries to create a new kind of symphonic sound for the mobile age and to find new space for passionate, dramatic and grand musical expression. Guest: Martin Lau (Berlin), sound poetry / vocal improv.

Agoston is making interaction design, experimental media, generative arts using free & open source tools. He is designing dynamic systems & interfaces for networked installations, developing creative mobile applications. He is addicted to hacking, altering functions of existing contexts and ordinary objects. He regularly gives workshops and courses on interaction design and creative coding using several open source languages. He is a guest lecturer at Bergen University of Fine Arts (Norway), Moholy-Nagy University of Design & Arts (MOME, Hungary) and a HCI researcher at Prezi.com. As of 2016, he is making a post doctoral research in Realtime Interactions & Machine Learning at MOME. His works have been exhibited worldwide including China, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, United States, Belgium, Hungary among others. He is the co-founder of the experimental new media design group Binaura. www.binaura.net

Andreja Andric is a Serbian sound artist, living in Aarhus since 2014. His chief interests lie in playful exploration of mathematical processes and chance. He exhibits and performs internationally, mainly with works where computer programming is the key means of artistic expression. Andreja Andric has a PhD in Music Informatics from the State University of Milan in Italy.