06 December | 20:00

Big Screen Brutals #79

Doors: 19:30
Start time: 20:00

Big Screen Brutals presents: "The Crazy Cult of the New World Church of Creepy Crackpots"

This edition of BSB is all about religion. And conspiracy theories. Weird ones. Caught on video.


Presented by Big Screen Brutals

It's true what they say: god is everywhere. From the heights of Hollywood to the far recesses of the internet, rest assured the old man in the iCloud is sending us preachers of questionable character; failed doomsday predictions; holy hoaxes; and unrighteous rituals from shadowy elites. And yes, most of them are American.

Whether you believe that we are all descended from benevolent alien beings or noble advanced yetis, we can all agree that we love to put on glitter and exploit cheesy outdated video effects. Yes? Join us! For a journey through your future-past lives as is only possible with the latest of consumer electronics technology. A rapture of eternally saving channel-surfing, where the gods are crazy and self-ordained priests offer you spirituality at special prices in a blasphemous mix of parody and reality. Can you tell the difference between a fanatic cult leader who just wants to get into your pants and a nerdy prankster/animator who just wants to get into your pants?

All praises to the Goddess! I mean, she looks just great in that sequined dress...