19 August | 20:00

Ana Paula Santana / Taishi Kamiya #346

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Ana Paula Santana - Pocket Soundscapes

Taishi Kamiya - Spectra of Air

Ana Paula Santana - Pocket Soundscapes is a research project that materialises in sound interventions for specific spaces. The proposal is always different, since it is based on the acoustic characteristics of the site and the materials found in situ. In each case, the intervention of the space is made by an installation composed of wiring lines and contact microphones that attaches to the floor, the walls and objects found in the given space for each intervention. The performer moves in the scene activating materials and creating an aural atmosphere made through digital processing of the vibrations, playback instant sound recordings and the generation and treatment of feedbacks. This project suggests and invites to reflect about soundscape discipline as an act of interpretation, selection, recreation and authorship composition.

Taishi Kamiya - Spectra of Air is an improvisation with saxophone and laptop. He plays soprano saxophone and record sound that he played, then process the sound with digital signal processing in real time. Finally the layer of sounds will get rich and various expressions. 

about the artists

Ana Paula Santana - My interest is based in constant sounds, machinelike , overwhelming. I'm interested in the relationship between sound and the human body , which I understand as an absorbent material that constantly receives and reacts to frequencies from outside. I'm interested in the voice , in experimenting with the limits of our voice and the sympathetic phenomenon between the own voice and the voices that we appropriate . My artistic creation is in the middle of the performance and installation and is often motivated by ideas and foundations of anthropological nature.



Taishi Kamiya is a sound artist and a developer of sounding devices born in Sapporo, Japan. He seeks to explore the moments when audible sounds turn into music. Making full use of Soprano saxophone and laptop computer, he performs by processing the derived sounds in real time. He has released a solo album from the label Home Normal (UK), and Nomadic Kids Republic (JP), etc.. In addition to his performances, he is involved in sound installations using various atmospheres. He is interested in the way that tones changes, depending on situations and circumstances, such as inside a temple, or during a snow. He also plans and organizes music events.