17 February | 20:00

Amir Bolzman & Ariel Armoni / Miako Klein & Ignaz Schick #420

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

Amir Bolzman & Ariel Armoni - The visit of the Iraqi delegation

A post-etnoise duo of Amir Bolzman (computer, samples, accordion) and Ariel Armoni (riqq, accordion).

Miako Klein & Ignaz Schick

First live-duo-meeting of baroque and contemporary recorder specialist Miako Klein and composer/sound artist/turntablist Ignaz Schick. Miako Klein performs with the entire recorder family including the Paetzold bass recorder applying a wide array of extended techniques and special sound effects which she also processes through various pedal effects.

Schick works with his live-electronics set-up consisting of oscillators, turntables and live-sampling. He uses a selection of found, carefully prepared/manipulated and custom cut vinyls which he skilfully plays, disturbs, mixes and processes into his unique, abstract and often noisy cut-up.

The duo will create a dynamic and at the same time sensitive interplay of purely acoustic & entirely electronic raw materials into an unique and fresh approach to electro-acoustic music.

Ensemble of Love & Terror is an experimental sound project of Amir Bolzman - sound artist and instrument builder based in Jerusalem and Ariel Armoni - multipercussionist and architect based in Tel Aviv. The duo is performing together as EoLnT since 2013 in various venues and galleries around Israel and Europe.

This upcoming February the duo will tour in Germany and in the Netherlands, celebrating the release of their new album, The Visit of the Iraqi Delegation (FullBodyMassageRecords).

Excerpts from the new release: https://soundcloud.com/user-88613656

Miako Klein is a Berlin-based performer and improviser, who has a greatly varied background. Classically educated on the recorder and violin, she has extensive experiences in performing contemporary music, as well as in Early and improvised music. Miako constantly questions and challenges the conventional ways of performance by pushing boundaries between styles and genres, by experiment, and by interdisciplinary collaborations. She performs as a soloist but also often collaborates with composers who have written works for her. http://www.miakoklein.com

Ignaz Schick is a Berlin based sound artist, experimental turntablist, composer and curator. He is often associated with so the so-called Echtzeitmusik scene but his musical interests & curiosity are sheer endless and range from noise, improvisation, electro-acoustic music, musique concrete, psychedelic and folk music to free jazz and contemporary music. He has been involved in numerous projects, bands, ensembles & collaborations worldwide and has been performing live since 30 years now. He also runs the small label Zarek, sporadically curates small festivals and books tours for friends and colleagues visiting Berlin and Europe from elsewhere. He believes in the idea of grassroots networking and collective collaboration as a form of political and social opposition. http://www.zangimusic.wordpress.com

Ignaz Schick @ VOLTA