12 August | 14:36

Alfonso Pretelt + André Uhl #343

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 6-10 € (up to your offer)

André Uhl - “I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.“
The new live show by Berlin-based artist André Uhl. André combines the live interpretation of new and unreleased songs with real-time improvisation. He reduces his original tracks to their essence: selecting one haunting melody, one powerful bass layer, one arpeggio line, and connecting them to ad-hoc produced and improvised sound. 

Alfonso Pretelt - Pataphysician Model
Audiovisual+Drone+Voice. We invite you to start at the beginning, that beginning which is an instant of which we have not left. The whole is a dense mass that thinks to itself in the most tragic way. There is an abundance of thoughts that give information about listening and that is how we think we listen to time. The infinite compels to represent a trip, a takeoff and a farewell. Expulsion and death; Explosion and fragmentation. The feeling of extending us. The need to seek us, the law to need us. We listen all the time. Because we listen to time. The sun burns, the planets move, the galaxy moves, the universe expands. They are deaf sounds because they are only thoughts. They have not happened and may not even occur.

Pataphysician Model reminds us that we are the tragic and strategic myth of who will do not lose the arms of his body. We are an intercommunication plan of a possible wandering after the explosion / expulsion. The possible nomadic rumble forms a language, a network of communication based on the pain of detachment to find ourselves far from the paradise of stillness. That place where individuality is a mistake.

A mouth to sing is not necessary. You need a body attached despite the distance. The existence of itself is a deed. The becoming history makes of any ear an oracle and the depth of the throat a mystical tomb. This is the story of a nomadism that began with an explosion. The expulsion of already deformed bodies that now only communicate pain; The body we used to be is here and there: in the pafistic thoughts and models of a plan of escape and later union. TheBurrosSello. 2017 


Alfonso Pretelt. Bogota Colombia. October 26, 1987 (resident in Holland). Experimental - Electroacustic, Sound artist, video artist. Active in different disciplines of contemporary art, including electroacoustic, visual music, free improvisation, Video art-sound and sonology, Art and philosophy. www.ideofoniaancestral.com


André Uhl is a futurist born in Essen and based in Berlin. André merges noise and synthesizer lines converging them into dark, driving and cinematic pieces. His productions combine detailed and spatial audio design with simple, yet haunting melodies. André holds a master’s degree in futures research, a fact that reflects in his compositions and leaves traces in his sound: tales of the hazy past and the twilight of the future. André received international attention for his debut EP Creatures (Bad Panda Records), his self-released Black Box EP, and his third EP Under a Swollen Silver Moon (Detroit Underground Records). His strong live performances have seen him perform at Volksbühne Berlin (DE), Supynes Festival (LT) and Mapping Festival (CH). André's debut album “I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.“ will be released in November 2017 on Neofakt Records. www.andreuhlmusic.com