The computer art community brings together people with different backgrounds but the same passion for the computing process. We discuss and present art made by coding: software art.

A custom piece of software is a personal set of rules and a process written in a computer’s language to produce, in this case, a piece of art. It is similar to conceptual art. The name software art groups the many terms that describe art related to custom software / media / computers as: interactive art, new media art, generative art, bugs-art, net art etc. It is not the same as digital art, which uses computers and software tools, but in this case the artist does not create his own tool or medium or set of rules.

To code is a invisible form of informated art. With our meetups we try to aggregate people that want to produce something unuseful, necessary and beautiful by code.

For a brief introduction to coding in Processing at a basic level, you can check this Github page.