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05 August | 11:00

Introduction to Processing

In this workshop participants will learn how to sketch code with the open source multi platform Processing. Participants will learn from scratch basic and functional interactions with code: including drawing functions, image processing, sound generation, and a series of networking features. You will be able to design visual programs for generation and interaction with other platforms via OSC, such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Max, Live, etc.

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25 August | 11:00

Introduction to Arduino

In this Introduction to Arduino by Juan Duarte Regino you will learn the basics to start with Physical Computing experiments, how to use sensors: light, temperature, distance, and motion. and actuators: motors, solenoids, speakers and LEDs. Also you will code your own programs based on simple interactions controlled by a computer or within a standalone application with the multipurpose and open source board. 

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26 August | 10:00 - 28 August | 17:00

CC4AV LED Mappathon ™

Mappathon™ is inspired by events called hackathons where computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers collaborate intensively on software projects in a limited time. It teaches the latest projection mapping technology and techniques to students, enabling them to create a site-specific interactive or static projection mapping installation.

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26 August | 11:00 - 27 August | 18:00

Sensing Your Environment with Arduino

Collecting data for Interactive Installations

The gathering data from the environment is practiced more as a cross disciplinar activity for scientist and artists interested to develop new ways of mapping geographical territories. The use of open source tools and portable systems to gather data are at more at disposal to design programatic tools to read data, sense weather changes, capture information, and display analysis through sonic and visual representations.

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07 October | 11:00

Beginner SuperCollider

Basic introductory workshop on the SuperCollider programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to understand how to boot and run the system and write recipes for sound synthesis and streams for algorithmic composition.