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25 September | 10:00 - 26 September | 17:00

Spatial audio in Ambisonics Dome

• learn and understand the nature of physical modelling of spatialization generically for sound and more specifically for Ambisonics.

• get into the hystorical path that defined the development and the peculiar success of this system in between different models of sound imaging.

• take the chance to create and experiment your own composition in multichannel of Ambisonics which could be an inspiring tool to realize concepts you are seeking in your artistic practice.

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30 September | 10:00 - 01 October | 18:00

Creating Visuals with Max/MSP

In this two days workshop we will see how to create amazing visual content with the software Max/MSP.

With Max it is possible to create visual content such as interactive video installations, VJ visuals reacting to music, generative art, camera tracking and creation and manipulation of 3D worlds. 

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30 September | 13:00 - 17:00

Max4Live for Beginners

This Workshop is for beginners in Max4Live.

Together we will explore it’s main topics, from learning about Ableton Live, Max and why they work together, all the way to building instruments, audio effects and midi effects to make use of in your creative process. 

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07 October | 10:00 - 08 October | 17:00

Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi

Learn to create compact interactive, generative and data-driven projection mapping installations with Raspberry Pi, openFrameworks and ofxPiMapper.

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07 October | 11:00

Beginner SuperCollider

Basic introductory workshop on the SuperCollider programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to understand how to boot and run the system and write recipes for sound synthesis and streams for algorithmic composition.

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13 October | 14:30 - 14 October | 17:30

Slime Mould: Art & Computation

Slime moulds belong to the oldest species on earth not having undergone evolution and thus proving to be best adapted to its environment and needs. Their cell structure and muscle memory is thought to be a primitive form for what later became to be a brain. 

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14 October | 13:30 - 17:30

Spatial Audio with Head Tracking

The workshop will focus on integrating head tracking data into spatial audio processing.

Head tracking enables realtime cardinal navigation of a virtual sound field from a specific location using Max/MSP.

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21 October | 10:00 - 22 October | 18:00

Make Music With Lights

This workshop intertwines practice (musical and performative), theory (historical context and aesthetics) and technique (electronics). It culminates with a performance and a composition. Beginners will learn how to start with electronics, solder and read schematics. More advanced users will learn how to modify a circuit and increase the complexity of an instrument. By the end of the second day participants will learn how to construct a live composition.

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27 October | 09:00 - 29 October | 11:30

DIY: Digital Gender

  • If gender is a technology, what would a digital gender be?
  • Is there such thing as digital masturbation, proper to our digital desiring selves?
  • Who is performing this digital scene?
  • Are digital practices a new kind of violence?