23 May | 19:30

SCS #38

The Sonic Code Sessions aim to provide a time and place for self directed and collaborative learning + experimentation. If you would like to free yourself from the limitations that come with traditional music software, this is for you! We occasionaly do jam sessions and plan group performances.

23 May | 19:30

LC Lab #18

Hands-on session of the LC Lab (Live Cinema Lab), a place for audio-visual experimentation. LC Lab is a community where audio and visual artists can meet, create and play new work together.

22 May | 19:30


Learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

No prior knowledge required: curiosity, wanting to learn, asking questions is all that's needed.

Bringing your laptop or smartphone would be useful. CryptoParties are always for free. 

22 May | 19:30

Creative VR 5

Meetup about artistic/creative virtual reality projects. We want to connect artists with different backgrounds to push VR as a new medium and discuss the experiences people develop in VR. Our goal is to exchange knowledge about creating virtual worlds and interactions which are possible only in VR.

21 May | 20:00

Mazen Kerbaj & Ignaz Schick #307

Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet, objects), Ignaz Schick (turntables, electronics) performing a contemporary electro-acoustic set. Both artists male use of a wide array of experimental and techniques on their selected instruments. Everyday objects performed on and around the trumpet of Kerbaj meeting the obscure sound world of Schick using found and selected vinyls. This is the first duo meeting of this highly unique artists.

21 May | 15:00 - 18:00

ReConnect Communities table #6

15:00 - 17:00 followed by drinks

SPEKTRUM communities come together to share what they have been working on and exchange ideas for cross-collaboration. Everybody interested in what is going on in our communities is welcome.

20 May | 20:00

emitter micro day 2: Wassermann / Vicario / Garet / API

The 4th edition of the EMITTER MICRO Festival is taking place at AUSLAND, SPEKTRUM and ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz. curated by kris limbach, pierce warnecke and seiji morimoto. emitter micro proposes a selection of international and berlin based artists from multiple contemporary sound practices and genres.

Day 2:

Ute Wassermann  
Jorge Vicario
Richard Garet (video screening)
API (Biederman+Peljhan) (video screening)

18 May | 20:00

Queer Aging - Short Experimental Film #305

Curation by Coral Short and Ryan Backer

Highlighting those who are making the most out of the second half of their lives, this program confirms that growing older is what the luckiest amongst us get to do. Proving that anything is possible in our later years, including deep reflections on earlier years, sage wisdom for tomorrow and private sex parties in the moment. Let us celebrate the joy of living with these compassionately transgressive international films.

17 May | 19:30

Sabine Vogel, Lan Cao, Gregor Siedl, Korhan Erel #304

Electronics player Korhan Erel will present two formations in this evening of free improvisation at Spektrum. The first one is a trio in the making with Lan Cao and Gregor Siedl. The second one is a brand new duo with flutist Sabine Vogel. Time permitting, there may be a tutti at the end.

16 May | 19:30

movLab #14

Community meeting of the movLab - a place for researching ways to digitize motion and the human body and to make the data accessible for further use in VR, gaming, stage performance or art. 

15 May | 19:30

Artgames XIV ★ LNWC2 Screening + Q&A w Sean Buckelew

ąяţǥąʍ€$ is a community event for anybody and everybody interested in game culture/design/technology in the creation of experimental/non-commercial work.

For the first ąяţǥąʍ€$ of summer we are thrilled to host a screening of the incredible Late Night Work Club animated anthology Strangers, followed by Q&A with LNWC member Sean Buckelew.

10 May | 19:00

BLACKLIST #2: The Global Arms Trade

Blacklist is a series of public documentary film screenings and accompanying panel sessions thematically grouped around the significant societal and environmental challenges of our time.

BLACKLIST #2 takes a long hard look at the global arms trade through the lens of Shadow World, an award-winning documentary based on a book of the same name by Andrew Feinstein.

09 May | 19:30

Smell Lab #19

The Smell Lab is a monthly meeting space open for everybody who is interested in experimenting around the sense of smell.

Newcomers are welcome to join.