01 January 2017

Open call: Dark Society

Current open call: Dark Habitats Dark Ecology (deadline: 1 May 2017)

Human societies are based on the exploitation of resources. It has always been that way and there is no realistic way around. Within our generation it seems that humanity is reaching a point were the planet might be running out of essential resources that feed us all and let us live the life we used to have.

As part of Dark Society, this exhibition focuses on the organic cycles of life and how artists, activists and counter cultures envision new ways of living and literally start growing in the shadows and backyards of their crowded urban centers.

The OPEN CALL for this exhibition calls projects of all kind that discuss how we can close the circles of matter, oppose and disconnect from industrial methods and increase more sustainability in the system.

– text by Matthias Fritsch 

Open Calls

SPEKTRUM is an open space, receiving regular proposals, launching different calls and inviting artists to give their input for future collaborations. The curatorial format consists of installations, performances, live acts, workshops, conferences and hackathons. Our tags can be read as a mindmap guiding the direction of our research interests. Our calls will also be displayed through key local and international art networks dedicated to residencies and open calls. We are also open to just give feedback on your ideas and suggestions for producing a work / event. You can get in touch through info@spektrumberlin.de